Has your Home Center received a call from Pointy from Google? If you have and you didn’t take the call, I’d like you to give them a look. They called one of our clients and we decided it was worth investigating. This is what we found.

What is Pointy from Google?

It is a tech-widget that helps Google know what products are for sale in your store. It catalogs the items you sell and then has your products and store show up if someone types or speaks “buy (this) near me” into Google.

How much does it cost?

The widget is $79 per location. It also integrates with a handful of Point-of-Sale Systems.

Plus your time (or someone else’s) to:

  • Order the device
  • Set-up your Pointy Profile

What do I need to order it?

Go here and fill out the form at Pointy.com.

Before you order, it is helpful to have:

  • Access to your Google My Business Card.
  • Know what Point-of-Sale system your store has.
  • Know if you have a USB or Serial connection on your barcode scanner. (Does it look like it can plug into your computer? Then its a USB connection.)

They will evaluate your application, and then will call you. They will ask you a few questions (See above). If you want to order it, you will need a credit card to place the order for the Widget. You will also want to know which email address you want to use to access your Pointy profile.

When you place the order, you will get an email that will ask you to fill out your Pointy profile.

What do I need to complete my Pointy profile?

  • What kind of bar codes your store has.
    • It’s probably UPC-A – that is the most commonly used in the United States.
  • Short description of your store
  • A photo of your store
  • Links to your website and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube)

The rest of the information will be filled in from your Google My Business information. You should double check it for accuracy.

Nice to have:

  • An excel file of the UPC codes from your store, with the pricing for each item.

That’s it!

It is very easy to install the widget. It connects between your barcode scanner and your Point-of-Sale System. The Pointy profile is also very easy to fill out, especially if you know what you need beforehand.

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