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Why You Need a Content Editorial Calendar for Your Business

By KathodeRay Media

If you are involved in any type of marketing, by now you’ve probably heard about how important content marketing is for any business - small or large. So much so that 55% of B2C brands and 54% of B2B organizations are planning on increasing their content marketing budgets in 2013*.

But why should you start or increase your content marketing?

Well, the online landscape has changed drastically over the past couple of years. Between Google’s infamous Panda update to the increasing popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - it is vital that businesses adjust their marketing so they can be found online in search and social. Both thrive on new, fresh content; which should be generated to position yourself as a resource, in turn making sure that you retain existing customers and gain new ones.

Now you may be saying to yourself:

“I’m convinced, I want to create content! But, now what? I don’t have the time, I’m not the best writer technically...”

My response: You don’t have to be an expert writer to write a blog, you just have to write on a topic that you’re passionate about in a logical way. Most of the time your readers aren’t going to want to read a novel, they want to connect with you and learn on a personal level. So, share your knowledge, and for grammatical help ask a colleague to proofread for you!


“Sounds great, but I’ve tried this before and I wrote a couple blogs, blasted them out to my social networks and then slowly lost my focus and just stopped”

My response: You need something to keep you motivated, and a content editorial calendar will do that! Another tip to keep you excited about generating content is to subscribe to industry-related news - stay in the know and keep generating those ideas!

So, what is a content editorial calendar?

A content editorial calendar is a virtual to-do list that will keep you and your team accountable for creating new, fresh content. The calendar also helps with full concept development to ensure your blogs, articles, press releases and infographics are made with with a purpose and rolled out in the best manner.

It’s important that when you write a blog, it be dispensed to your customers, followers and the online community in every possible way. Don’t just write a blog, post it on your website, and cross your fingers! Because, people aren’t going to find you that way, and you won’t generate business that way.

Getting started

When starting your calendar make sure you include all of the important items that will help you and your team stay on top of your content.

  1. Make sure it’s on a shareable platform like a company server, Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs or Basecamp so that your team can always access the document
  2. Stay realistic and tailor the calendar for you and your team’s schedule - don’t overwhelm yourself! You can start with a once-a-month topical blog, or if you have a team, schedule as much as multiple blog posts a week.
  3. Keep your schedule loose to accommodate last-minute hot topics
  4. Create an initial annual look at your business year to schedule for holidays or important times for your company - tighten up the schedule as you go, planning more specifically for the next 60 days.
  5. Have one person manage the editorial content calendar to avoid confusion amongst the team.
  6. As you roll-out content and network with other professionals, consider reciprocal guest blogging opportunities
  7. Maintain the history of your content calendar - it will serve as a resource for record keeping, reporting in addition to content repurposing and idea generation

Things to Include:

  • Working Title
  • Category & Type of Content
  • Status
  • Author (for team system)
  • Due Date
  • Publish Date
  • Target Audience
  • Distribution Channel
  • Target Keywords
  • Call to Action
  • Metrics
  • Notes

Category Topic Considerations:

  • Industry News Insights
  • Service & Product Launches
  • Company Events
  • Seasonal & Holiday Topics

Overall, it is important for you to consider a content editorial calendar to keep your team on track for great content marketing in the year ahead. It’s the first step towards making consistent content updates via the proper channels, which is the primary way to keep readers engaged. And engaged readers mean increased website traffic, new clients as well as repeat business.

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*Source: Content Marketing Institute