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Why Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns Do Better


ThinkstockPhotos-178991540sm.jpgIf you are one of the many business ownsers who sends a marketing email to an entire mailing list without segmenting your recipients by persona, you may be missing the mark.

Just because you have a master list of leads, visitors, customers, subscribers and contacts, doesn't mean they should all receive exactly the same email (or content in general).

You should target your email content to each distinct buyer persona, same as you would target a landing page.

How do you create successful targeted email marketing campaigns? It's easy!

Here's a few simple tips to get you started:


Writing in Your Persona's Voice

Tip 1) Determine the persona you wish to target

Buyer personas are created through research, surveys, and interviews of your target audience. The buyer persona document you compose will include critical information about the person you are addressing, such as:

  • Email preferences
  • Tone of voice
  • Education and income
  • Stage in the Buyer's Journey
Select the persona that you wish to target before you begin composing an email campaign. This way, you will create an email in their tone voice that addresses their needs and respects their preferences.

Tip 2) Create an A/B email campaign where one variable is changed

You can't always tell what makes a successful email campaign, even if you are targeting one buyer persona. To gain insight into email effectiveness, it helps to divide your email into an A/B campaign.


Take the Time to Deliver Meaningful Content

Tip 3) Research content that's right for your target recipient

For each persona, there is a specific set of needs and questions to be answered. Your job as a marketer is to deliver solutions to their needs, and insightful answers to their questions. Finding content that will do this can take time and research. But it's worth it. 

For email newsletters, try to include materials relevant to your target customers needs, such as:

  • Links to free resources
  • Links to informative website
  • In-depth articles from their industry

So, Why Do Targeted Email Campaigns Do Better?

According to Hubspot, targeted and segmented lead nurturing emails generate an 8% click-through rate compared to general email sends, which generate just a 3% click-through rate. In other words, targeted sends result in more clicks, which means recipients engage with the content within segmented email and perform the actions you want them to take. Furthermore, Jupiter Research reveals that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

Why? Because your sender reputation will improve over time, which leads to increased opens, clicks and engagement!

Great -- now go ahead and target the heck out of your next email campaign!



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