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Why Should I Implement a PPC Campaign?


strategy.jpgThe competition is strong when it comes to being visible in search results.

In addition to SEO practices, pay-per-click (PPC) can create more opportunities for your brand on the results page.

That’s where you want to be because if you’re not, your competition sure is!

The good thing about PPC is that it doesn’t discriminate.  No matter what your brand or business is, PPC can benefit you.  PPC is very straightforward in nature, therefore giving you complete control of your efforts.

Here are a few reasons why PPC marketing will benefit your business:

1. PPC is very straightforward.

As I said before, PPC is straightforward. One example of this is the fact that you always know exactly where your money is going. 

You don't pay to serve up your ads, you only pay when an interested person clicks on your ad. This allows you to forecast costs associated with real leads.


2. Complete control over ad budget.

As a PPC ads account holder, you have complete control over budget.

You can:

  • Set the budget to your specific needs
  • Put a cap on your daily spending
  • Put a cap on your per click cost for any keyword
  • Put a cap on your per click cost for each campaign
  • Change your overall budget at any time
  • Change your daily spending at any time

But let's say you want to put more investment into your PPC ads on the weekend. Can you do this? 

Of course! You can:

  • Adjust your spending for different times of day
  • Adjust your spending for different days of the week 

You can modify your ad budget in practically every way! This is a powerful tool for increasing the cost-effectiveness of your pay-per-click campaign strategy. 


3. Audience targeting.

With PPC you are able to target a specific audience, at a specific time and a specific place.

PPC provides location targeting and delivery options along with device-specific preferences allowing you to send messages to your target customer at certain times when they are nearby.


4. Quick Results

Results are fast.

Unlike organic search, you can start a PPC campaign one day and begin to see traffic and conversion results the very next day!


5. Keyword result tracking.

PPC can tell you how well a particular keyword or set of keywords is converting.

This allows you to test new products or offers and see how well they do before increasing your budget. It also gives you another strategizing tool in your PPC arsenal.

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