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Why a New Website Design Isn’t Out of Your Price Range


Get Quotes GraphicMany businesses think they just need a website, and they're set. 

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Your website is a reflection of the quality of your company. 

When your web design is not high quality, you're telling your customers that you're portraying that image to your customers.

So whether you've had a website for a few years or you're suddenly regretting your decision to pay for "any old website," here's why a new website design isn't out of your price range



Focus on ROI

Quality Design & Quality SEO = A Greater ROI

A good website design is worth far more than you’ll ever spend on it. With a well-planned web design and continued maintenance, you will have done far more than hanging a sign outside your business.

People will be able to find you and your business from anywhere. And not just find it – they will already be interacting with you.


Why Quality Web Design is So Important

Your web presence will frequently be a customer’s first experience of you. What do you want that first impression to be?

If you don’t have a website, you’re inaccessible. If you do have one, but it’s a bare minimum site with little useful information, you come across as out of touch or unconcerned about your customer’s needs.

Maybe you have a big, snazzy, complex site – but maybe it’s so complex that a visitor can’t find what they’re looking for. Now dealing with you means being in over their head, or having to deal with a customer service run around.

But now say you have the perfect website design, one that matches your public persona and your customer’s needs.

Everything runs smoothly, your customers have their questions answered almost before they can think to ask them, and there are plenty of opportunities to buy from or contact you.

Now, your first impression is this: You’re competent. You’re professional. You’re available to your customers.

A website can go beyond first impressions. By putting your simpler, most frequently requested information or services online, you make things easier for both the customer and yourself.


Thinking from a Customer's POV

Imagine someone going online to do a little research about booking their next vacation.

Travel Agency A has an unimpressive website, and they move on. After all, there’s plenty of other places online.

Travel Agency B has a more detailed and impressive site, and the potential customer might note the phone number, or leave it open in a tab. But they don’t call right away, because they’re still browsing, and anyway it’s late.

Finally, they come across Agency C, with an attractive site, detailed information, and options to schedule an appointment online or send an email requesting more information.

The end result?

Agency A is long forgotten.

Agency B may get a phone call… if Agency C drops the ball.

Because Agency C most likely already has the customer’s name and contact information, probably some idea of the kind of trip the customer’s interested in, and possibly even a consultation scheduled.

Agency C did all this overnight without any employees even having to be awake, let alone at work. Their website did the job for them.

Now time and resources that may once have been spent attracting this potential customer, answering initial questions, and scheduling the consultation can instead be spent on preparing an individualized consultation and fitting it in quickly, impressing the customer.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time closing sales?


Want More From Your Website?

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