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Why Engaging Content on Google+ is Important to My Business



Over 300 million people are active on Google+. But do you find yourself asking what is Google+ actually doing for my business and why is Google+ important for my business? In this blog, we’ll explain what Google+ does for your website and why it’s important to create killer content on Google+.

Does Having a Google+ Page Benefit My Business:

If you’ve ever asked yourself, should I bother creating a Google+ page? The answer is yes! Every business should be on Google+, without question. If you want your business to show up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), then you must create a Google+ page. Creating a Google+ account allows for your business to be found easily on the SERP. For example, if you are an orthodontist in Catskill, New York, when someone types in orthodontists in Catskill, your Google+ page will likely show up, leading the user to your site and displaying your address and phone number.


So Why Should I Consistently Create Engaging Content on Google+?

While Google+ posting may seem like a waste of time to some, it’s actually extremely important for SEO purposes. So why is Google+ good for SEO? Every interaction including +1s, comments, shares, and reviews, add up to how Google continues to measure your sites relevancy in the search query, which ultimately affects organic listings within its SERPs. Google’s +1s are growing by 19% each month and the entire network itself is growing at 33% each year, according to Google! As the Google+ network continues to grow, the weight applied to +1s will receive more and more consideration, reinforcing your search engine ranking. So how do you get more and more +1s? By creating engaging, killer content! Do this by using relevant hashtags and creating content in a conversational way. Remember, there is no character limit to Google+ posts, so you can use this opportunity to engage your audience with long posts that answer a specific question.


Your next steps? To create a Google+ page immediately and start posting ASAP! Good luck!


What is quality content? Quality content creates curiosity, captures imaginations, compels actions, describes possibilities, ignites new modes of thinking and challenges old ones.

So, how can a small business generate, not just run-of-the-mill content, but truly killer content? Check out this helpful eBook:

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