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Knowing When to Redesign Your Website & Why


Website_Design.jpgFalling into a rut is easy.

We’ve always done things this way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There’s no time or resources to start over; this is good enough. People are used to it this way.

But technology advances quickly, making it easy to be left behind without realizing it, even if the original website design was perfect in its time.

Imagine spending days on a slide show, only to look around the day of the presentation and realize everyone else has made animated videos. When is the last time you’ve looked around your competitors’ websites?

It may be time for a redesign.

Why it's Time to Redesign Your Website

Are you reading this blog because you're considering a website redesign?

If you are, it's more than likely time that your company redesigns it's website. But why is it so important?


The Importance:

In our digitally-field marketing era, a well-designed website is the equivalent of a store with an ideal location.  By simply having a store in a great location, you're investing more money into the rent of that location, but the foottrack makes it a worthwhile investment.

The same can be said for your company's website.

The greater amount that you invest into it's design, the better experience potential customers will have on your website, making it easier to acquire new leads. Today, people are accessing countless websites on a daily basis, the interaction they have with your website will make all the difference.

That's why web design and SEO are so vital to the success of small businesses. 


Knowing When it's Been Too Long:

Think back five years.

In 2011, smartphones were still gaining traction amongst consumers.

Fast forward five years and who knows how the internet and technology will change. But if one thing is certain, it's that these changes will have an impact on the design of a website. 

To continue to adapt, businesses must take website redesigns more seriously. A website won't be as appealing in five years , and you can't expect it to last much longer than that. 


Reasons for Redesigning a Website

What are the right reasons to decide to do so?

There are several factors to consider, but you can’t get far without analytics.

How do people currently use your site? Are there pages with few visitors? Look at the keywords people have used to find you – what are they looking for, and is it easy to find?

You can also talk to current customers for their feedback on the site. Is there anything they find confusing or frustrating? Are there any features they wish you had?

If you have a page with noticeably lower traffic, is it because people aren’t interested, or do they have difficulty finding it? If there are any major difficulties – or even just a collection of small ones – redesigning your website may be the answer.

Let’s say everything’s running smoothly, and none of the analytics or feedback you’ve been getting indicates a need for major changes. Now’s when it’s time to look around the internet and see if you’re bringing an excellent power point to a film screening.

  • Look at your competitors’ sites.
  • Google your specialty, and see what else is out there. 
  • Browse the internet, looking for sites you like, regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with your industry.

Hold your site up next to these examples. Does it feel dated or amateur? You may want to consider a redesign. But beware of brief fads, and design carefully. 

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