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This Week in Marketing: 7/19/2013


When tackling a marketing project on your own, there are a lot of useful how-to guides out there, but many of them stick to the positive and avoid mentioning potential negatives. It's important to be aware of elements and actions that could harm the outcome of your campaign to ensure that you get the best possible ROI.

10 Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook EngagmentDeveloping a relationship and encouraging engagement on Facebook is increasingly becoming a key marketing element for many companies. Once you've started this connection, you don't want to hurt it by making mistakes. Facebook is a very crowded medium, so it's important to avoid posts that are lengthy or overly complicated, and of course it's also good to stay on-topic.

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The "Don'ts" of Starting A New Email Marketing Campaign

Email MarketingIf you're new to email marketing as a medium, it can be a bit overwhelming. Most email services, such as iContact, can help to guide you through the basics with tutorials and walk-throughs. Despite this, you want to make sure you're not making any rookie mistakes that could hurt your campaign, like purchasing email lists or trying to hide "unsubscribe" links.

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3 Ways to Use Google for Local Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchAs a local business, it's important that your SEO campaign fully utilizes local keywords, but they can be difficult to sniff out. Google is a great tool for finding the local keywords that best apply to your business. There are three tools at your disposal, the first is Google Autocomplete. When you start typing in a query Google will give you a list of similar options that people are searching for, many of which are local.

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INFOGRAPHIC: What People Put Into Their Email Signatures

The email signature is often overlooked as a marketing opportunity, but it is one of the more visible elements of your company as you communicate over email. Almost half of people surveyed for this infographic did not even use a signature. It's important to make sure your own signature includes at least your company and website, but social links can be effective as well.

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