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This Week in Marketing: 6/14/2013


Getting to know your audience is a key aspect of marketing. You can use this information to better tailor your messaging to different groups and thus create a much stronger relationship. Investing the time to learn more about your customers will inevitably result in a stronger ROI for you.

Segment Your Email List to Get the Right Message to the Right Audience

Email SegmentsOften, marketing emails are not "one size fits all" and certain messaging will appeal to one group of people over another. People are more likely to unsubscribe from your email list if the content they are receiving is not relevant to them. A solution to this problem is to utilize email list segments to target only only group of people at time, thus ensuring that your messaging has the best impact.

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Google Updates Their Algorithm To Better Target Spam Content

SEO SpamGoogle's Search Spam team announced that the new ranking system, rolling out this week, will go after websites that continuously produce spammy materials and links for the web. The changes were put into development by Google as a way to "clean up" search results and remove spam content that may be leftover from the big Penguin update last year.

Learn more about this and other key changes in SEO practices from this useful infographic.

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4 Copywriting Tips From A Historical Content Expert

Writing TipsBruce Barton was a wildly successful copywriter and author in the 1920s whose clients included General Electric and Sears. Despite his work being over 90 years old, his style is something we can all look to for inspiration today. One of his biggest strengths was having a strong understanding of the audience he was writing for and using that in creative ways to speak directly to them.

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Facebook Introduces Hashtags

After lagging behind most of its competitors, Facebook has finally integrated clickable, searchable hashtags into posts. Clicking on a hashtag will allow you to view other ongoing Facebook updates and conversations about that topic, much like on Twitter. Additionally, you can search for a specific hashtag easily with Facebook's graph search.

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