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This Week in Marketing: 4/19/2013


While a strong marketing plan can help your business find new customers, giving those customers a positive experience will help to keep them loyal. You can accomplish this through friendly and efficient in-person interactions, as well as helpful online support and easy-to-find information.

Spring Cleaning: Content Marketing Edition

Content CleaningAs spring continues to warm up and the flowers start to return, another element of marketing that could use some good cleaning up is content. If you were spending a lot of time trying to craft the most shareable content, now is a great time to change it up a bit and try something new such as more multimedia content or more guest blog posts. Now is also a great time to find new sources for content curation and toss out the sources you rarely use.

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4 SEO Reasons Why You Need to Stop Ignoring Google+

Google+It's no secret that the 2-year-old Google+ has been fighting to gain and keep users since it debuted. With their latest updates over the past few months, however, it has become an undeniable asset to boost SEO as well as a resource for fresh content. Additionally, recent data shows it is now the 2nd largest network ahead of both YouTube and Twitter!

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8 Tips for Creating Effective Email Subject Lines

Email SubjectWhile the content of your email marketing is always important, writing the subject line that gets potential customers to open that email is even more vital. A strong subject line will tell the reader what the email contains very clearly, or offer them an enticing reason to click, such as question. Keeping your headlines short and succinct will also help customers to get to the information they need faster.

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SURVEY: 90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews

A recently published survey from Dimensional Research has revealed that an overwhelming 90% of respondents admitted to making buying decisions based on online reviews. Both negative and positive reviews influenced people in their decisions. Additionally, the survey found that both positive and negative customer service interactions greatly effected future purchases.

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