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This Week in Marketing: 4/12/2013


There has been more and more research published recently that shows the great benefit of having a company blog. In addition to presenting your business as a qualified expert in your given field, it's a way for both new and loyal customers to interact and engage. If you need more evidence to help you make a decision one way or the other, I encourage you to check out the links below.

Optimizing SEO on a Small Business Budget

SMB SEOIf you're a small business owner, then you understand the need to be very cautious about how you budget your marketing. SEO can seem like an element that could end up being expensive, but in reality there are ways to streamline the process and keep it under budget. Some pratical techniques you can use include self-auditing and utilizing free online tools like Google's Keyword Research Tool.

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STUDY: Blogging Proves Effective For Customer Acquisition & Retention

Company BlogA recent study from Constant Contact revealed that 69% of businesses surveyed saw their blog content developing strong connections with new and returning customers alike. Additionally, 43% said that content marketing helped boost sales after a slow engagement period.

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LinkedIn Rolling Out New Facebook-Style Linked Mentions

This week, LinkedIn announced they would be rolling out a new Facebook-like feature that allows you to link a person's profile when you mention them in an update. This mention will alert that person of your post and allow them to share it or respond. This looks to be an exciting new way to further forge connections on the business-oriented social network.

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