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This Week in Marketing: 2/27/2015

By KathodeRay Media

This week, we share articles with tips for strengthening SEO strategies, such as creating landing pages for important keywords, and other effective keyword targeting methods to grow traffic. Also, explore a piece from The Moz Blog explaining the ever-evolving function of social media hashtags.

What to Do When Your Organic Landing Page Isn’t the Optimal Page

Ten years ago, maybe even five years ago, traffic was the only metric SEO professionals were responsible for. The industry was new, we were still figuring out what we doing, and candidly our stakeholders didn’t know any better.

The industry is nothing like that now.

We’re better equipped at understanding algorithms, users are savvier with search engines, and stakeholders demand more and better data.

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How Hashtags Work on Social Media Sites

A hashtag is the wonder of the past decade. It was born to address the need to organize and make sense of the overwhelming social media buzz. Thanks to active and creative user adoption, hashtag support has been added to most popular social media platforms.

This article shows how different social media sites make use of hashtags. Most importantly, it shares some insight into how you can make the most effective use of hashtags for your brand.

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Effective Keyword Targeting: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue

When it comes to keywords, your aim shouldn’t be to target everything. Rather, you should aim to discover where the richest vein of gold lies, and then focus your efforts on extracting it. By correctly identifying areas of growth potential, you can transform a website into a traffic machine with high revenue potential.

With my e-commerce business clients, I begin by analyzing their market (keywords) and implementing a growth plan in selected areas with high traffic potential.

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