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This Week in Marketing: 1/23/2015

By KathodeRay Media

This week's newsletter focuses on the fundamentals of SEO, particularly when it comes to content quality. We'll look at a HuffingtonPost.com article about trends in content marketing that you'll want to keep your eye on, and explore content ideas geared specifically towards increasing organic visibility. We'll also take a look at an infographic thats geared towards demystifying the "alchemy of SEO success."

10 Trends in Content Marketing

Producing quality content isn't easy, and it isn't cheap to do so. If you can invest in a high-end content strategy and engage people with it, you have a differentiated advantage. But it is extremely difficult to do. Imagine, you are running a mini New York Times. You have to churn out quality content that is relevant for your audience everyday. If you are a toothbrush brand, that may not be all that easy to do!

Quality content that speaks to a specific segment is highly customizable, making micro-niches reachable. Your overall brand may have a broader target, but within the brand, there are many smaller niches that you cater to.

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10 Content Ideas To Improve Organic Visibility

People who view content that answers questions or provides information related to your products or services etc may not looking for what you offer at that moment. Do the best job you can to unobtrusively let people know what you offer as they look at this type of content on your website.

For example, use a webpage template that makes it easy for people to see what you what offer. You can also make people aware of products or services with messages in your page columns and perhaps a short overview about what you offer at the end of the page with links to products or services, etc.

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The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors, or “signals.” SEO is about ensuring your content generates the right type of signals.

This chart summarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success!

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