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Staying Connected in a Digital and Social Media Age

The basics of keeping your website fresh with necessary tracking code and search engine optimization are fundamental to establishing a solid online presence. With a website foundation like this in place you now have the tools, along with the ever-expanding features of social media, to keep your customers connected, engaged and informed.

Keep your ‘Storefront’ Current

When considering your website and its content, it’s important to think of it as another storefront. Your online visitors are all potential customers that have come across your company, whether from a search engine, social profile, or advertisement. It’s critical that when they visit your website they see relevant content; put your company’s online ‘storefront’ out there on the main road with new products and services. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Stay up-to-date: Your website serves as a resource for your customers. Therefore, having your current hours of operation, locations, sales specials and product lines available is vital.
  2. Start a content publishing schedule: We know that the daily demands of running a business make it difficult to find time to dedicate to your online presence. You might think to yourself, “I’ll get around to it one of these days, after…” But it’s important to start somewhere and get into a steady routine. Updating seasonally, as you would in your store, is an excellent place to begin.
  3. Find Assistance: Does a particular employee have a knack for social media or like to stay on top of trends? Whether you seek help internally, or look to a marketing professional, giving specific tasks to one or more people can spread out the work and make it seem less overwhelming. Combined with a publishing schedule, you can really keep things on track!
  4. Keep it Relevant: Staying up on industry and client trends can really pay-off when those insights are then shared with customers. It positions your company as a knowledgeable, trustworthy resource.

Getting Started with Social Media

With all of the social networks currently available, and more and more being released all the time, it can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? And what information should I be putting out there?

Once you’re in a rhythm of maintaining current website content, social networking is a simple next step. There are a select few social networks that are really important to begin with, and it’s just a matter of getting started. Keep in mind that company profiles on these social networks are also storefronts for your company – when someone sees an update it’s just like them driving by your location!

  1. Facebook: Start by setting up your profile with an easy-to-remember username in the registration process (this gives you a simple URL for people to go to – i.e. Facebook.com/KathodeRay). Make sure to fill your timeline with your company history, add engaging photos and all of your important company information to the “About” section, including your address, phone number and store hours. Get connected by putting the link to your new social profile on your website and let people know in advertisements and stores that you’re now on Facebook.Make sure to keep your customers engaged and up-to-date with regular postings of company news, pictures of new products and let them know about your special promotions too. With Facebook’s new post scheduling feature it’s now easy to input a week or more of updates all at once – talk about time savings!
  2. LinkedIn: This is the place for power networking, and new features were just released to make company profiles much better. Take advantage of the profile services section and ensure new and popular services are shown here. Encourage your employees to create or update their own LinkedIn profiles to show they are an employee, in turn growing your company network. Also, make sure to inform your network with the same kind of company news and special promotions like you would on Facebook.
  3. Get Registered: There are a lot of other avenues for potential customers to find your company, especially on mobile devices with online business listing tools like Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpages and Citysearch. Take a moment to register for these and input your current company information. Even if you only get to one a week, before long you will be listed on all of them, and much easier to find.

Remember that fresh website content, connected on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, ensures that you will easily engage your customers and keep them coming back!

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