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13 Social Media Mistakes Most Companies Make

By SEO Staff Writer


Very few brands are doing social media correctly, and most of them probably don't have an explanation why. 

To kick your bad habits aside, learn from these 13 social media mistakes. 

Social Media Mistakes

1) Not Having a Social Media Strategy

Prior to doing anything on social media, the first thing your company should do is ask yourself what you want to get out of your social media efforts?

Are you looking to raise awareness of your brand? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Or maybe you’re looking to use social media to pull in new customers.

Whatever you’re ultimately looking to gain from social media, make sure you’re setting goals and have established a plan for how your business is going to accomplish those goals.


2) Not Creating Writing Style Guidelines

One mistake most businesses fail to take advantage of is setting a writing style for social media.

I'm not saying that you can't occasionally break the rules you set, but you should at least have a format to your writing. And one that helps represent your brand.

Maintaining a consistent writing style can help make you more noticeable when people are scrolling through their timelines.



3) Not Engaging Your Followers

It’s called social media for a reason. The whole purpose behind using social media should be to interact with your followers, and build relationships with them.

That means that you can’t just share your own content on social media and expect any results.

The brands that are the most effective on social media are the ones that engage in conversation with their followers.


4) Talking Too Much About Your Company

A good way to reduce engagement in your brand is to talk too much about your company. Many businesses make this mistake on social media.

They spend time promoting their products, services, and other elements of their company in an effort to increase business. But what these businesses don’t realize is that they probably won’t see any new business using these strategies.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the author of Jab Jab Right Hook, discusses how companies should continually give before asking for anything. He highlights the mistakes the businesses are making and why most companies aren’t doing a lot right.




5) Focusing on Follower Quantity

What good is 1,000 likes on your Facebook page or 1,000 followers on Twitter if people aren’t all that interested with what you’re sharing with them? You’re not benefiting at all in this situation if you’re simply just trying to increase the amount of followers you have.

Spend time crafting a brand that people want to pay attention to and the followers will come.


6) Improperly Using Hashtags

Yes, hashtags help people find relevant information. No, you don’t need to have 5 hashtags in a post, and including irrelevant hashtags won’t do anything for you.

Often you’ll see brands go a little bit overboard with the amount of hashtags they use. It’s completely unnecessary, and it makes your brand look sloppy to potential customers. Here are a few examples to help you out:

Bad Example:


Good Example:



7) Being on Too Many or Not Enough Social Networks

This goes both ways. Some businesses will be on too many social media networks, but really should only be focusing on three or four. On the other hand, some businesses aren’t using social media to their full potential, and they’re missing out as a result.


8) Posting a Certain Number of Times

There isn’t a set amount of times that you should feel you have to post to social networks. You can set goals for your business, but posting more often isn’t going to directly translate into more success.

You should set goals around the quality of your posts and how they tie into your overall strategy. If you can work towards creating better quality posts, then you’ll see more success on social media.


9) Not Having a Personality

Who wants to follow a business that shares the same content over and over again? Nobody.

All businesses and their employees have personalities, and showcasing them on social media is a great way to increase engagement. Videos, Q&A’s, and pictures are all ways a business can show off its personality.



10) Not Tailoring Content to Different Platforms

You can’t use the same messaging on every single social media network. It doesn’t work. The content that you share has to be tailored to each social media platform.

Knowing what works on each social media platform and how you’ll tailor your content appropriately will make you more successful on social media.


11) Not Putting in Nearly Enough Effort

The thought that you can just share a blog or post a quick blurb isn’t enough. To actually be successful on social media, you have to spend some time coming up with creative ways to offer content.

Instead of just sharing a blog, think about how you could share that blog, but actually make someone want to read it.

Also, capitalize on trends and holidays. Redesign your profiles to fit the holiday season or find other creative avenues to impress your audience.



12) Not Incorporating Analytics

It’s hard to improve upon anything if you don’t know what’s working, what’s not working, and why. If you can solve those questions with analytics, that’s great. But many businesses can’t.

There are several KPI’s that businesses can track that will show you which content your followers found valuable and which posts didn’t cut it. Using this information, try to look for trends that stick out in the data.


13) Just Focusing on Social Media

There is a lot more to marketing than social media, and thinking that one area will solve your marketing woes is a mistake. To be a successful brand, you need a well-designed website, and you have to incorporate this level of thought-process in each area of marketing.

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