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Print is Dead...Not!! And It Never Will Be


There has never been a better time to utilize quality print media effectively to reach your audience… print is not dead! And here’s why.

Is Print Dead?The argument has been made that print is dead (or dying) and that digital media has taken over. Well, I agree that the landscape has changed considerably in the last 5-10 years, and that digital media is definitely here to stay. I also think that digital media a necessity to be used in your business’s marketing strategy and should not be overlooked; It’s important to keep up with the times and not be left in the dust.

Dare to be Different

However, I think there will always be a place for print media, and more importantly I believe that as some slowly move away from print, it opens a door of opportunity for others. That opportunity is for print media to be even more effective. How you ask? Well in business, it takes constant effort to differentiate yourself from your competitors; being different helps to not only to get your business noticed, but remembered. If your business is still using print, that’s just one more thing setting your business apart from the competition.

Below are some items that I believe will never fully be replace by digital media:

  • Business Cards
    There’s only one chance for a first impression, and business cards are usually involved in that interaction. Printed business cards are a blank canvas waiting for your custom touch that will reflect your business and how it operates. Plus, since business cards are a tangible item, they tend to have more staying power.
  • Catalogs
    Catalogs are a big one for me. If your company sells or manufactures a large product line, then you should invest time to create a catalog or brochure to showcase them. For me it is much easier to browse products or stumble upon new products of interest in a paper catalog compared to an online catalog. Unless I know what I am searching for specifically, I lose the feeling of discovering something new and exciting on the next page that I didn’t know existed.
  • Postcards
    Postcards and self-mailers have been used for years with success. I believe what we want to keep an eye on here is something I discussed earlier. As more and more people go away from using print, this is one of those items that can be used to set yourself apart from your competitors. As more and more people are inundated with spam emails and popups, printed pieces will tend to be more believable and trustworthy to the consumer than emails and ad banners.
  • Posters & Banners
    Unless your company plans to replace all posters, banners and signage with flat screen TV’s or monitors the need for posters and banners will always exist. Tradeshows, events and even store fronts rely on these printed items to attract and inform potential customers.

The Point

Print Media Example

There are more items that could be listed here, but I believe you may be starting to see the point. I don’t think print will ever fully die. Instead, we need to adapt and figure out the best approach to using it effectively. I feel that in most cases a solid marketing plan will include a balance of both print and electronic outreach, well integrated and utilized together for increased impact, and never just one or the other.

Check out our printed example to the right to prove this point!

Just One More Thing

Let me leave you with just one more thing to chew on. Now, this is from before my time, but I have read several times (in actual print mind you) that the fear of print dying was also there when radio went mainstream, not to mention TV & cable. Well, we all know that didn’t happen, and here we are, print is still alive and ever evolving to fit our needs…don’t discredit print media just yet!