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Economic Development 101: Nothing Attracts Success Like Success


Greene County, NY doesn’t have a city.  What it does have are 14 Catskill Mountain, Rural Valley, and Historic Hudson River towns, each with its own character and community. Since 2015, KRM has been personalizing the businesses in these communities with engaging stories and images that take the reader inside the successes and challenges of real people starting and running small businesses.

This ‘content marketing’ strategy transcends the “We’re Great – Come Bring Your Money Here” advertising employed by municipalities seeking to grow their economy. It focuses on the specifics of a real business in a way that readers can identify with.  It celebrates the unique, and leverages the assets of community, location, and lifestyle.  Each story an infor

mative, positive look into a locally-owned and operated maker, seller, producer, or provider with a distinct “You Can Succeed Here Too” feeling supported by the pictures and words.

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New business start-ups have been on the rise since our content marketing strategy gained traction in early 2016.  

Each story at the Invest in Greene blog is published using software that tracks the interaction of readers who have provided their contact information to be part of an opt-in “Get More Stories” database.  Contacts are added through responses to targeted social media advertising and offers including Free eBooks specific to starting a business in Greene County, NY.

The opt-in subscriber database has grown to over 5,000 contacts who have self-enrolled to receive more information about opportunities in the featured communities.  Every time any of those contacts interacts with the content provided, a record is automatically added to that contact’s file, enabling the Economic Development team to provide customized outreach based on specific areas of interest.

New business start-ups have been on the rise since our content marketing strategy gained traction in early 2016, and Sales Tax Revenue has grown representing an average economic growth of over $40 Million each year.  More importantly, net migration to the county is positive as younger professionals and entrepreneurs arrive, revitalizing and re-energizing main streets and re-purposing rural destinations.


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