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Local SEO Guide (Part 3): 7 Local SEO Best Practices

By SEO Staff Writer

Local SEO Map IconIn the second part of this local SEO guide, we discussed the biggest local SEO mistakes. This part, part 3, will look at 7 local SEO best practices you should be implementing, and part 4 will list over 50 local search directories.  

SEO is currently one of the more important parts of marketing a business online.

There are many parts to a successful SEO strategy, but one of the most crucial is a company’s local SEO strategy.

While many small businesses might not realize the benefits of a local SEO strategy, they play a significant role in determining where your website is ranked based on several local search ranking factors.Moz Local Ranking Factors


Local SEO Best Practices:

In order to be successful with local SEO, here are 7 local SEO best practices every business should be know.

1) Consistent NAP Information

It can’t be stressed enough – keep your name, address, and phone number consistent throughout each of your listings.

2) Website Information is Consistent with Listings

Your NAP information should be included on your website. You can also use title tags to further emphasize where your company is located. In the example below, construction companies have clearly emphasized that they serve Albany NY.


3) Fully Optimized Listings

What does optimizing a local listing mean? It means that any applicable information is completed, you chose relevant categories, wrote meaningful descriptions, and you include photos that accurately reflect your brand.

4) Having Separate Pages for Multiple Locations

Some businesses, such as banks, operate in multiple locations. They have several branches and that means they need listings for each location.

A good local SEO best practice that you can use for multiple locations is to have individual pages on your website for each of the locations.

5) Use Schema

Another local SEO best practice is to use schema.

Using schema, you can categorize important information so that search engines can understand your website better. Basically, it organizes the information that search engines are going to look at.

Below, you can see that Madison Square Garden used schema markup to list out upcoming events. Schema for Madison Square Garden Events

6) Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

While this shouldn’t be something that’s overdone, offering subtle reminders for customers to leave a review can help you gather more reviews. The more positive reviews you receive; the more positive changes you’ll see to your rankings.

7) Create Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles can also impact your local SEO strategy. This is why you’ll see a business’ social media profiles high in the search results.

Some tips you can implement include:

  • Having a relevant content strategy
  • Optimizing your profiles
  • Having a consistent presence on each social media profile


Everything You Should Know About Local SEO:

It's important to know local SEO best practices, but are you even aware of why local SEO is important for your business or which listings you should be listed on?

Our complete local SEO guide covers all that and a few other topics. 

Local SEO Guide


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