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Keyword Research in Today’s SEO World

By Staff Writer

glasses_on_paper_image.jpgWith the internet rapidly changing, and trends doing the same, it's your job to keep up!

2010 was all about keyword research. However, 2016 is going to be about keeping up with the latest trends

Businesses, no matter which type, need to keep an eye on the keywords that are consistently working for them and monitor the ones that are slowly falling off the radar. 

Maintaining your keyword efficacy is going to be an essential part of being successful.


How Do I Maximize Keyword Ranking?

A simple way to begin is to focus on what your customers are searching for, but that’s not totally cutting it.  You need to also center in on what specific words and phrases specific demographics, age groups, regions, etc., are using. 

Is your target audience still searching for the same things they were last year?

Is your target audience posing their questions in the same way?

Is your target audience using slightly different phrasing than last year?

People have different ways of speaking and even different ways of searching for things, and these can evolve over time. Therefore, it’s important that you think outside of the box.

Think about the product or service that you provide - how would someone in your target audience describe it?

Making the Most of Related Keywords

There are many tools you can use to get the bigger picture of keywords you should target.  These tools help to create the right list of keywords for:

  • Content
  • Ads
  • Social media
  • Optimization

An example of this would be the Google Keyword Research tool which is a part of Google AdWords.  This tool helps identify keywords allowing you to reach out to potential customers when they are in the consideration phase of the buying process.

You can also get local keyword data from this platform that will help with marketing.

Don’t limit yourself to using one tool, use a few so that you are able to gather all of the keywords and phrases relevant to your business.


Google has become much more sophisticated. Rather than looking at search queries and solely focusing on keywords, they are looking at queries and focusing on intent. And so should you. Find relevant themes and topics to structure your content, ad, etc., around.


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