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How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook Using Compelling Content


Have you noticed that your Facebook organic reach has been declining? Yes, Facebook has been making it more and more difficult for Business Pages to be seen, and yes, there are 18+ million other business pages to compete with for real estate. But your problem might be your content.

In order to be seen organically on Facebook, you need to create killer content that draws people in and makes them want to click on your post.

So How Do I Create Compelling Content to Increase My Facebook Organic Reach?

Target to the Needs of Your Buyer Persona

If you’re all over the place with your Facebook posts, you’re not creating engaging content your fans will love, therefore they’re not clicking on your posts and reading your blogs. Since they are not engaging with your posts, Facebook will show them less and less content from your page, thus decreasing your organic reach. The more a fan engages with a page, the more likely Facebook will show your page’s content in that user’s newsfeed.

Use Engaging Images Along with Killer Content

Use high-quality photos that showcase the goal of your post. Photos and videos take top priority in the Facebook algorithm, called EdgeRank. Photos are the most engaging type of content from a user’s perspective, receiving an 87% interaction rate. Keep in mind that not all photos are created equal. Not only do you have to share high-quality photos, but you must also show photos that interest your buyer persona in order to convert in the long-run.

Keep Your Posts Brief

Research shows that 100 characters or fewer increases post engagement. This will also make it easier for cross-posting on Twitter.

Post Killer Content Consistently

Posting consistently tells your fans that they should be expecting killer content from you on a regular basis. People like consistency. So how often should you post? It depends, but aim for 1-2 Facebook posts per day.

Use Action Keywords in Your Posts

Action keywords like “post”, “comment”, “like”, etc. are the most effective at increasing organic reach. Be direct with your fans and tell them what exactly you want them to do.

Ask Questions

Asking a question is a surefire way to start a conversation on a specific post. The more people are engaging with your post (commenting, liking, sharing), the more Facebook will mark your post as relevant and continue to show it in your fans’ newsfeeds.

Questions placed at the end of a post increased engagement by 15% over questions placed at the beginning. Avoid asking questions with “why” because they seem to have the lowest like and comment rates as opposed to “would” questions that generate the most likes.

Avoid Posting Offers and Promotions

Leave these types of posts for your Facebook ads, where you know they will be seen. Users don’t like to be sold to, so in January 2015 Facebook changed its algorithm so that posts containing words like “buy now”, “50% off!”, “half off”, “sale ends soon!” etc. will perform poorly in the newsfeed. This shouldn’t be too shocking since overly promotional content almost never does well anyway.

Keep Your Content Positive

No one wants to read negative or sad content. If you must post negative content, put a positive spin on it. Create positive interactions and experiences with your fans so they keep coming back for more.

It's important to follow these strategies when looking to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

Now get out a start posting killer social media content!



What is quality content? Quality content creates curiosity, captures imaginations, compels actions, describes possibilities, ignites new modes of thinking and challenges old ones.

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