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Want to Improve Client Reviews for Your Real Estate Company?


Customer-Review-Graphic-REAL-ESTATEYou work hard building the reputation of your real estate company. And assuring client satisfaction is always a top priority.

But, let's say your client enjoys an above-average experience working with your firm. Are they leaving positive reviews online?

We can simplify the review process for your clients to help you build a wealth of helpful online reviews. What's more, you can then stream positive reviews automatically to your website or social channels!

Client reviews are the single most effective bit of real estate marketing you can do for your company. So, how do you capture them and then capitalize on them?

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1) Acquire More Authentic Client Reviews


Let's face it: online reviews are increasingly influential, and your prospective clients are more empowered than ever before. That's why acquiring more client reviews is one of the best marketing ideas for real estate companies.

Before they even step foot inside your office or make an inquiry about your services, chances are your clients have already educated themselves online.

So, let's make it easier for happy clients to leave positive reviews! And then, let's give those positive reviews more exposure.

The first step to a stronger client review base, is to acquire more authentic client reviews. Reviews from reputable online sources, like Yelp and Google+. 

Why don't your happy clients write reviews? They (a) never think to do so; (b) forget to do so; or (c) don't know where or how to do so.

We can help! Let's create a "review funnel" process for your business to ask, remind and guide your clients through writing a reviews on the sites you care about—and intercept unhappy clients before they bad-mouth your company online.

Customer-Review-FunnelHere's how we will help increase and improve your company's online reviews:

  • By automating the way your business gets reviews from multiple channels and collecting them in one place for easy monitoring.

  • By optimizing the number of reviews your company gets on Google, Facebook and the industry-specific review sites that matter to you.

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2) Get a Second Chance with Unhappy Clients

What if you could reach an unhappy client and address their needs before they get a chance to bad-mouth your business online? Our system will give you the time and information necessary to help turn a negative client experience around. Which might create even more positive reviews.

3) Give Happy Clients a Chance to Spread the Word

After your clients give positive feedback about your real estate company, we will spread the word to your website visitors and Facebook page by:

  • Automatically displaying the latest and greatest reviews of your business to prospective clients (to increase sale conversions)
  • Selectively showing/hiding and editing review snippets so that you’re always in control of the content you publish


When your happy clients are empowered to leave positive reviews and ratings about your real estate company, they will promote your business for you! So, let's get your company's review system on track! Contact us today to improve and increase client reviews for your business as soon as possible

Are You Making Your Client Reviews Count?

Our team will determine if you have a user-friendly client review system in place, if it is mobile device friendly, and if your online profiles are incomplete or unclaimed. 

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