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How to Write Enticing Blog Titles Readers Can’t Resist


write-enticing-blog-titles.jpgYou may have great blog content, but is your title enticing?

The first thing that will attract readers to your blog is the title, so in order to make sure your blog is read by visitors, you need to nail the title.

There are several factors impacting a successful blog title. Is the title intriguing? How long is the title? What kind of words are you using?

We’ve put together some simple tips on how to write enticing blog titles to make sure your awesome content actually gets read.



1. Stay Accurate

First and foremost, your titles need to be accurate and reflect the content within the article. If your title isn’t accurate, readers will likely leave your blog post fairly quickly, and therefore, never make it to the call-to-action at the end of the post.

One way to ensure accuracy is to include bracketed clarification in your blog title. 

A HubSpot survey found that blog titles or headlines with this type of clarification performed 38% better than headlines without clarification. This was likely due to the clear expectations set by the title. It lets readers know exactly what to expect and what they are getting.


2. Make Your Title Pop

There are several ways to make your title pop. However, you need to make sure you understand your core buyer persona(s) before you target the blog title to them.

Find language that resonates with your buyer persona(s). Here are some simple tips on how to make your blog title pop:

  • Use strong language and make it bold.
  • Create a clear value using bracketed clarification.
  • Focus on the “whos” and not the “whys”.


3. Keep Your Title Short

Blog titles should be no longer than 70 characters if you want it to rank well in search.

And it should be about 8-12 words in length if you want it to be shareable on social channels like Twitter. This can all vary depending on what your goals are.

Run a few tests to see what length works best for you and your buyer persona(s).


4. Optimize for Search

Focus on using keywords in your title that you know your buyer persona(s) will likely be searching. Do some keyword research and be sure to place those keywords in your blog title.

Again, be sure your title is under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results.


Now that you have some ideas on how to write enticing blog titles, get out there and start grabbing readers’ attention!

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