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How to Write Engaging Email Newsletter Content


engaging-content.jpgEmail newsletters are a great way to build relationships with your clients and customers while turning them into promoters for your business. They are also a good way to nurture your leads into customers.

But how do you get your customers and potential customers to actually open and read your eNewsletter?

First and foremost, you have to create engaging email newsletter content. Here are 5 tips on how to write engaging content for email newsletters:

1. Create Compelling  Subject Lines

Before you can create engaging email newsletter content, you need to create a compelling subject line. Most people receive a ton of emails daily, so when they see something that looks promotional and irrelevant to them, they are likely to delete the email without even opening it!

So, in order to get your customers to open your email newsletters, you need to create compelling, attention-grabbing subject lines.

For example, instead of using “October Newsletter” in the subject line, use something like “20% OFF bedding and much more." Give them a reason to open your email!


2. Use Clear and Actionable Messaging

People are more inclined to scan an email, regardless of which device they read it on. Make your email blasts really easy for people to scan and comprehend. Use actionable language, such as verbs.


3. Consider the Length and Frequency of Your Email Newsletter

A good daily eNewsletter should be short and to the point. No one is going to want to read an email every day that is lengthy and time consuming. Weekly or monthly newsletters can be longer.


4. Keep It Personal

It’s important to keep the email as personal as possible. Use the recipient’s name in the beginning of the email. Another tip is to send the eNewsletter from a real name, not a business name. 40% of customers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience. Personalized emails also improve click-through-rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.


5. Include Calls-To-Actions and Social Buttons

Include calls-to-actions in the email signature, copy and in the image of your email newsletters. Create calls-to-actions that tell your customers what to do next. Allow your readers to share the e-blast on social media by including social sharing buttons. Use language that encourages the reader to forward the message and be a promoter for your business.


Now it’s your turn! Use these tips to write engaging email content for your next eNewsletter!


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