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How to Write a Successful Follow Up Email


177362799_-_email_marketing.jpgThe follow up email. An important and strategic want to nurture your leads after they have given you their personal information in exchange for an offer on your website. But how do you write a follow up email that helps you as a marketer accomplish your end goal?

In this blog, we’ll discuss some key email marketing tips that will help you understand how to write a successful follow up email.

How Do I Structure My Follow Up Email?

Step 1: Determine Your Objective

Before you start crafting your follow up email, identify what you overall objective is so you can draft a more effective call-to-action. Do you want to set up a meeting with the contact? Or do you simply want to thank them for their download and interest in your company?

Step 2: Open with Context

Re-emphasizing with a follow up email will help jog the contact’s memory and make it easier for them to take action and respond. Try wording your follow up email with “Just following up on the email I sent a few weeks ago about [topic]…”

Step 3: Clearly State the Purpose of Your Follow Up Email

You want to be clear and get to the point with follow up emails. Whether this is simply thanking a contact for their offer download, do just that. Then once you thank the contact, provide a link to the offer directly so they can easily access it. You want to make sure your contact receives the offer they signed up for.

Step 4: Craft a Strategic Subject Line

Subject lines should be short and sweet, while enticing the recipient to open the email. This may be with a question, such as “Did you get this?”. Create a sense of urgency by using language like “tomorrow”.

Step 5: Know When to Send a Follow Up Email

When should you send a follow up email to a contact? Typically, if you are thanking them for their download and for their information, you want to send the first follow up immediately after they download your offer. Then, several days later, you will want to send them another follow up email to ensure they’re taking advantage of the offer to guide them through the buyer’s journey.

What Are Some Follow Up Email Best Practices?

When it comes to following up with your contacts about the offer they just downloaded from your website, you need to make sure you’re following some follow up email best practices:

  1. Pull the Reader In

When crafting your follow up email, you want to entice the reader. Convince them that your text is worth reading. Make your first statement bold and intriguing.  Tie this grabber in with the rest of your copy. “Want to improve your email marketing strategy and increase your sales? Download our free eBook to learn how!”


  1. Introduce Your Offer

What did the contact download from your website? An eBook, a free trial, a whitepaper? Whatever it may be, make sure they have the opportunity to download that offer again via your follow up email to ensure they are taking advantage of your offer.


  1. Explain the Significance of the Offer

Why is your offer so important? How can it benefit them and increase their sales? What will it do for them? Yes, you included this copy on your landing page (hopefully), so reiterate that information in your follow up email.


  1. Continue to Follow Up with Them

It’s best to not only create a thank you email but to create several follow up emails after the contact has downloaded your offer. After you send a thank you email, send a follow up email a few days later asking the contact if they had a chance to take advantage of your free offer? Direct them to the offer again and state that you hope it is helping them in whatever way you expect it to. Then, several days after your follow up email has been sent, choose another offer you have on your website that you believe this specific contact will benefit from. Is it a free marketing consultation? A free trial? Move the contact through the buyer’s journey by providing them with content they will find helpful.

We hope this blog helps you understand some follow up email best practices and how to write a successful follow up email! Now get going!

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