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How to Use Twitter Geolocation to Improve Your Local Marketing


twitter.jpgAs social media marketing professionals, we know how important it is to create engaging content on Twitter. But if you're not connecting with the right people, you're putting quality content out there that valuable people will never see!

If you haven’t heard of Twitter geolocation already, it’s a cool new way to reach more locals on Twitter. Using geolocation data can help you find the right people to connect with on Twitter and build local brand awareness.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to use Twitter geolocation and how to use to it build stronger local connections on Twitter and improve your local marketing.

Using Geolocation Coordinates to Find Locals

Because Twitter is such a fast-paced social media platform, finding the right people to connect with can be challenging. That’s where geolocation comes in. Using MyGeoPosition.com can help you find local Twitter accounts and tweets using your business’s location.

How to Use Geolocation Coordinates

To start, go to MyGeoPosition.com and type in your business address in the search box. Then click the Calculate Geodata button. The site will then pull up the coordinates of your location.


Once the site has calculated your geodata, click on the Copy (x,y) button to copy your latitude coordinates.

Next, head on over to Twitter. After you’ve logged in to your Twitter account, go to the search box and type in “geocode:” without the quotation marks and paste in the latitude value that you copied from MyGeoPosition.com. Then, type a comma after that and enter a mile (m) or kilometer (km) value after it.

Click enter. Then click then Accounts tab to see local people and businesses in the immediate geographic area of your business. Now start connecting!


You can also switch over to the “Top” tab to see top tweets from locals.


Using Geolocation Coordinates to Connect with Professionals

We all know that Twitter is a platform we use to help raise awareness and visibility of our brand. When you build relationships with influential figures, there’s a good chance their followers will start to follow you as well. Geolocation makes it easy to connect with people who can help you build awareness of your brand.

Say you want to associate with other social media marketing professionals near you. Use the same steps above to generate the latitude coordinate of your location. Then after you have entered the distance character add a pound sign and the phrase of your choice directly after the distance character in the Twitter search. For example: add #social media to the end of your location search query as shown below:


You’ll then see accounts for other social media strategists in your area!


Now It’s Your Turn!

Start connecting to local professionals and businesses to build your brand awareness!

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