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How to Use Content Generation to Your Best Advantage


effective-content-generation.jpgPlacing content onto your blog or website can be useful, with varying effectiveness, for driving leads to your site. However, content isn't always successful in this way.

Strong messaging that results in new leads is rarely a fluke; it's almost always by design.

Successful digital content has 3 common denominators: 1) it's directed to a specific buyer persona, 2) it answers their questions thoroughly, and 3), it provides the next logical action.

So, exactly how can your business use content generation to its best advantage?

Here's how to make your content irreplaceable to your visitors:


1. Directed Messaging

In the world of messaging, all content is not created equal.

Yes, it's true: steady content generation can result in stronger search engine rankings.  According to Content Marketing Institute, Google gives high-quality ratings to those sites which produce "a satisfying amount of website information” and lends ranking preference to pages that are being updated and reviewed on a regular basis. In other words, Google wants to see an abundance of fresh content.

But that doesn't mean you can throw quality out the window and simply churn out content indiscriminately. You have to create content that is truly valuable to your target audience. How to keep the quality of your content high? Directed messaging.

Whenever you generate a piece of content, direct your messaging to a specific buyer persona in order to improve relevance and keep your readers engaged.


2. Answering the Right Questions

Find out the right question and then answer is thoroughly.

Your targeted persona has a burning question to answer or pressing need to solve, and it's your job as a marketer to find it. Try running searches on Google using regular language and then analyzing it with Google's Keyword Planner to compare results to find out which queries the real traffic is coming from.

Next, set about answering the question or demonstrating how to solve the need.

You can provide useful content to your target persona in many ways:

  • Blog
  • Infographic
  • Email newsletter
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • How-tos
  • Guides
  • Lists

Check out this link to FREE tools for creating infographics!


3. Provide the Next Logical Action

Make sure your visitor has a 'next step' to take.

Once your target visitor consumes your strong piece of content, chances are they will want to know what to do next. In order to capitalize on that momentum, it's important to provide a clear and readily available task for your visitor to take. Depending on their position in the buyer's journey, they may be invited to sign up for a newsletter, read another interesting blog, or consider a personal consultation.

It's important that your content provides this clear next-step to take. Make a visible call-to-action at the conclusion of a blog post, or provide a form for the next piece of valuable content that move your visitor further along the buyer's journey.

Keeping these simple steps in mind will go a long way towards using content generation to increase leads!



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