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How to Improve Your Landing Page Experience


improve-landing-page-experience.jpgYou could have an amazing ad campaign on social media, Google or Bing, but you may be hurting your results with the landing page that greets your visitors when they click your ad.

Landing pages are often the point a prospect reaches with your brand, so it’s imperative that you create an excellent first impression and deliver a great user experience.

If you’re seeing a high click-through rate on your ads but you’re just not seeing the conversions to match, you may want to improve your landing page experience with these tips:

Make Sure Your Messaging is Clear & Concise

You want visitors to take action on your landing page, right? Well, your messaging needs to state exactly what the prospect should do and what exactly they will receive in return.

You also need to make sure that your ads are directly related to your landing page, meaning, what you’re offering in your ads needs to be EXACTLY the same thing you are offering on your landing page. It may sound obvious, but it’s one of the biggest factors that drive visitors away from a landing page. A user wants to get exactly what they’re being offered when they click on an ad, so give it to them!


Make the Landing Page Easy to Read

If you place a ton of words and one tiny image on your landing page, visitors aren’t going to want to read what’s on your page, and ultimately won’t convert.

In order to grab the visitor’s attention, use bullet points, bold lettering and large images to make sure your content is easily readable and easy to scan. Remember, less is more!


Explain Why What You’re Offering is Unique

People don’t want to just download any old eBook or any whitepaper. They want something different that only you can offer them! Briefly explain why your product is better than your competitors and why it’s unique. Use straightforward and compelling selling points on both your ads and your landing page to increase your ad ROI and improve your overall ad campaign.


Remove All Navigation from Your Landing Page

Make sure you remove all navigation to keep the user on your landing page!

If you have your main navigation and other links that could cause the visitor to leave the page, you’re likely sabotaging your own landing page. You want the user to stay on the page they landed on from your ad campaign. If they click elsewhere, and are taken to somewhere else on your site, they may forget all about the offer that brought them there in the first place. 


Limit the Amount of Information You Ask For in the Form

Requiring first name, last name, email, city, state, zip code, phone number, job title, industry, etc., all at once can be super overwhelming to the user.

If there are more than 3 form fields that the user is required to fill out, that user will likely not be willing to enter in all that information and just leave your page entirely. Remember, most users are on their smartphones and it’s a pain to enter all that information when you’re on the go. So, keep it as concise as possible and only capture the information you really need from the user.

Use a CRM system like HubSpot to create Smart fields. Smart fields allow you to capture further information like address and phone number, etc., from a user that has already been to your website and filled out their general information like first name, last name and email address.


With these simple tips, you can guarantee a better user experience on your landing pages and see an increase in conversions from your ads!