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How to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score


ThinkstockPhotos-508540486.jpgKeyword quality score has a major impact on both the success of your campaigns and cost you will pay per click on your campaigns.

A high keyword quality score means that you will end up paying less for more ad impressions with higher conversion rates.

Take a look at these best practices for you to follow to improve quality score on your keywords:

Structure Your Campaigns into Smaller, Targeted Ad Groups

By structuring your campaigns into targeted ad groups, you’re creating more relevant ads.

Use many different ad groups when setting up your campaigns to ensure that they are specific to the keywords they contain.

Additionally, have a smaller number of keywords per specific ad group.


Practice Keyword Grouping

In order to improve your keyword quality score, you need to effectively organize your keywords in your ad groups.

Look at your list of keywords for your campaigns and strategically group them into the appropriate ad groups based on specific products, services, or brands. This will help to keep your ads relevant.

Don’t forget about negative keywords!


Optimize Your Ad Copy

Choose ad copy that is specific to the keywords you are choosing and be sure that ad is in the appropriate ad group. This will:

  • Increase the relevance of your keywords to each of your ads.
  • Help improve your quality score as well as your click-through rate.
You can also strategically incorporate your keywords into your ad copy by using dynamic keyword insertion, which inserts your targeted keywords automatically into the header of your ad.

Make Sure Your Landing Pages Are Relevant

The landing pages your ads are sending users to should be extremely relevant to the keywords you are targeting and the ad copy you are using.

It may not be realistic and easy to design landing pages specific to each ad group, but it will help to improve your relevancy and quality score immensely.

Having a landing page that is relevant will also improve your overall conversions because visitors will be more likely to stay on your page and not exit right away.

Another great way to improve quality score on your Google ads is to decrease your landing page load times.

Landing page load time has become an important factor in calculating quality score.

  • Check the load times on each of your landing pages and see what can be done to reduce them.
  • Use Page Speed to test your landing pages and check their speed.

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