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How to Deal with a Bad Yelp Review



So you got a bad yelp review on your business’s page.

Yes, this can be frustrating and may seem like a big deal, but don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

The first trick to tackling a negative yelp review is to not panic and take it one step at a time because it’s fixable! Take a deep breath.

Here are some guidelines on how to deal with a bad yelp review:

  1. Don’t Panic: Avoid a screaming match with the reviewer. You want to be the bigger person here and convey your company’s professionalism as much as possible. If you feel as if you just can’t hold it together because you are too upset at the reviewer, have an office manager or marketing expert tackle this for you.

  2. Consider if the Review is Legitimate: Fortunately, you can take action against fake reviews on Yelp that may be from competitors or disgruntled employees. Contact Yelp and explain the situation to them. They may be willing to flag the comment and remove it from your page if they deem it illegitimate.

  3. Respond Publically: On Yelp, you have the option as a business owner to respond publically or privately to the reviewer. It is highly recommended that you respond publically since this helps to shed more light on the situation and allows other readers or reviewers to see that you are taking some sort of action to better your business. This also shows readers that you care and are engaged. And who knows, a legitimate response could trigger some sympathy in some users, which may help them forgive you for that negative review.

  4. Respond Professionally: Consider apologizing to the reviewer for the inconvenience or their poor experience with your company. Determine whether you want to offer the reviewer a discount or some other type of incentive to return to the establishment to give you another shot.

  5. Be Consistent: If you plan on responding to negative Yelp reviews – which you should – then make sure you are doing it consistently. Have an office manager check your Yelp page on a bi-weekly or weekly basis for new reviews and comments. Checking in on your Yelp page not only helps you respond to reviewers on a consistent basis, but it also helps you gain insight into how your product or service resonates with your customers, as well as ideas on how you can improve.


Don’t be afraid of a bad Yelp review. The key to dealing with a negative review is to keep your cool, take your time to consider a response, and keep it consistent. Keep it up, you’re on the road to social media success!

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