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How to Create Engaging Facebook Ads


like_follow_share.jpgIn one of our previous blogs, we mentioned the impact that the decline in organic Facebook reach has had on Business Pages and the need to invest in Facebook Ads. Of the 25 million small businesses on Facebook, only 4% are running Facebook Ads even though it has been proven that time and time again, Facebook Ads work! So if you plan to invest in Facebook Ads, which you should strongly consider, here are some simple tips on how to create engaging Facebook Ads that attract your target market.

Choose the Right Graphic

When considering what type of graphic to use when marketing your product or service through Facebook Advertising, be sure you’re developing what people will want to see. It has been proven that people are more likely to click on an ad with people smiling, specifically women and children, rather than an image of an object. Do you have an image of a person actually using your product or service? Then consider choosing that image to use in your ads. Ads with images of people using a product or service has been proven to have a higher click-through rate than just images of the product itself. People like people they can relate to. With Facebook Ads, you can segment your ads so you are targeting just men and just women so considering using men on your ads targeting just men and women on your ads targeting just women.

Add Text

Remember, with Facebook you’re only allowed to have 20% text in the image itself so choose what you want to say wisely and be aware of Facebook Ad Guidelines as well. Add text where you can, such as “50% OFF” or some other type of intriguing copy. Since you’re only allowed 20% text in your ad, consider leaving out your company’s logo since that is most likely in your profile picture and can be listed in the copy below the image of your ad.

Use Bold Colors

Bold colors like oranges, reds, and blues capture a user’s attention more than ever, especially on a busy platform such as Facebook! Think about it. When a user is scrolling through their News Feed quickly, they’re only going to stop on images that catch their attention, not on ones that don’t. Use bold colors in your text, on your borders or anywhere else in your creative.

Add a Call-to-Action

While you may know what your goal is since Facebook lets you choose what type of campaign you want to use (like campaign, website clicks campaign, offer, etc.), you need to include a call-to-action (CTA) in your ad so the user knows exactly what to do next. Subconsciously, users like to be told what to do when they look at an ad. It’s a good idea to include a CTA in your image itself like “learn more” or “shop now” or “buy tickets”. In the copy of your ad, consider adding a call-to-action as well, especially if you are creating a Facebook Likes campaign. Ask the user to like your page! This way, you’re telling them exactly what to do next.


The social media marketing world is constantly changing and paid ads are more important now than ever. So jump on the Facebook Ads bandwagon and start creating your visually engaging Facebook Ads now!


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