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How to Write Engaging Content for Twitter



How do you create engaging content in 140 characters or less? It can be difficult to be concise and staying compelling. But there are ways to create content for Twitter that’s both short and sweet but also engaging at the same time.

Here are 5 Tips For Writing Engaging Social Media Content For Twitter:

Use Action Verbs: Select verbs that get the message across in an energetic, fun way. Using action verbs will help you create engaging content that will leap out at users.

Ask Questions: Questions draw users in, encourage conversations and solve problems. Ask a question in a tweet and link to a possible answer.

Use Hashtags Appropriately: Don’t overdo it with hashtags. It’s important to understand how to use hashtags. If you use too many, it just ends up looking messy and people will glance right over your tweet. Instead, use hashtags to stay in a conversation. If someone is holding a twitter chat and you wish to participate, always remember to use that chat’s designated hashtag to remain a part of the conversation. When not in a Twitter chat, limit your hashtags to 2-3 each tweet.

Get Personal: People want to be engaged with your business so post often about community events you are participating in, staff get-togethers, holiday parties, etc. And be sure to include pictures of those events and of your staff members!

Keep a Consistent Voice: Consumers get to know a company’s personality through social media. It’s important to keep your voice consistent. The customer will become familiar with the types of tweets you are posting and the familiarity will encourage customers to engage more.

Now it’s your turn to take these tips to the test. Get out there and start tweeting quality content!


What is quality content? Quality content creates curiosity, captures imaginations, compels actions, describes possibilities, ignites new modes of thinking and challenges old ones.

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