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How to Create Content to Attract Customers



In a previous blog, I answered the question How do I Create Engaging Content for my Small Business? by describing a few inbound marketing methods to keep visitors engaged. This time, I'd like to discuss strategies that will help you create content to attract customers to your landing pages in the first place! 

While it's good to create content that sells products and services, that content is useless if your customers aren't attracted to your website to begin with. Strong attraction-generating content is the hook that nurtures first-time visitors into leads and potential new customers. And, with those first-time visitors, you are given a powerful opportunity to leave a favorable first impression.

How? By providing content that is informative, engrossing, and/or solves a problem for your visitors.


How Do I Attract Customers to My Content?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, but getting the right visitors to hit your landing page happens by creating exactly the kind of content that those visitors are looking for.

Here are a few simple ways to attract visitors: 

  • Speak in their voice.
  • Recognize their needs.
  • Offer a readily available solution.
  • Tell a great story.
  • Inform them well about their options.

How Important is Targeted Content?  

Here's an easy rule of thumb: the more targeted your content is towards a specific audience, the more likely you'll be to create appropriately informative, engrossing, or problem-solving content. And, whenever visitors gets a whole lot of the information they are looking for, it naturally attracts them to your content. 

It's important to base your target audience on a specific person with distinct characteristics, traits and preferences. Also known as a "Buyer Persona," this fictional character will have characteristic ways of relating to the world, ways of speaking, ways of interacting with technology, and also very unique problems to be solved.


Why Not Create Content Targeted to the Masses? 

Talking to your friend on the phone is different than standing at a podium addressing a crowd of people. Your tone will be more personal, you may exchange inside jokes, or even make embarrassing admissions about your last bad date. Alternately, when you address that massive crowd, you are likely to speak in a stiff, official tone with very little personality, and you will probably hesitate to tell an edgy joke in order to avoid offending somebody. It is bound to feel more generic, less personal, and also less engaging than the one-on-one conversation. 

By targeting your content to one Buyer Persona, you increase the likelihood of attracting that person to your content. Why? Because they recognize themselves in your messaging, and self-recognition creates a comfort level and establishes the relationship with your brand.


What Does Attractive Content Look Like?

To help kickstart your visitor-attraction campaign, here are some basic types of content visitors LOVE:

  • Content that describes their BIG problem & offers a simple, uncomplicated solution.
  • Content that tells a great story that the target audience can relate to. This can be how your product or service helped another client solve their BIG problem.
  • Content that motivates an action, change or growth spurt. Like great motivational speakers, people respond to content that inspires them to break through their own inertia.

It's helpful to pick one of these strategies and build your content with that strategy in mind.

Now, get out there and attract some new potentials leads!



What is quality content? Quality content creates curiosity, captures imaginations, compels actions, describes possibilities, ignites new modes of thinking and challenges old ones.

So, how can a small business generate, not just run-of-the-mill content, but truly killer content? Check out this helpful eBook:

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Happy content creation!