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How Do I Create Engaging Home Improvement Website Content?


Have you ever searched for a solution to a problem on Google and clicked on a link? And then realized the information on that page, wasn't what you thought it would be? We’ve all been there. But did you stop to think about why? It could be:

  • The page didn't solve your problem
  • There wasn't a clear solution to your problem
  • It lacked information
  • It was confusing
  • It was bland and you didn’t feel enticed to stay

FREE eBook OfferWhatever the reason, the page failed to do its job.

Learning from this... How can you keep customers on your home improvement website? AND get them to buy your products or services? Let's explore how to create engaging Home Improvement website content.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Step 1: Know Your Audience
It’s hard to buy a special gift for somebody if you don’t know much about them. Chances are your 8-year-old nephew won't want or like the same thing as your 70-year-old mom. Well, the same idea holds true for creating website content.

Think of content as the special gift you are creating for your customer. First you want to figure out exactly who you are creating the content for. There are three questions you’ll want to answer to help you figure this out.

  1. What is their problem?
  2. How can your product or service help them?
  3. What do they hope to gain or come away with?

If you answer these questions first, you will be able to start defining your “Target Audience”. The “who you are selling to” and creating content for.


Step 2: Educate and Solve their Problem

People want to know more about your solutions. Usually before they set an appointment or walk into your showroom.

When you are creating this content, you want it to be:

  1. Very specific to the needs of your customers.
  2. Concise, vibrant, and easy-to-digest.

How do you come up with ideas that will get the attention of the who you are selling to? 

  1. Identify the problems you help with.
  2. Explain how you solve that problem.

That's it. Keep the problems and solutions simple and complete. There are usually a few ways to solve a problem. You want to keep each topic very  concise. This helps your customer understand how to solve their problem. It also helps Google and other search engines realize you have the answer to a specific problem.

Here's an example.

Let's pretend your business sells Replacement Windows. You create a page on your website called "How to measure replacement windows for a Farmhouse." By focusing on a Farmhouse - you can address the specific issues of replacing Farmhouse windows. These issues will be different then a quick Vinyl Window replacement project for a contemporary home.

Then, next to the article, include the Replacement Windows that your business recommends for Farmhouses. You would also include a form for a customer to request a FREE Window Measuring Appointment.

What you are doing is, speaking directly to Homeowners who want to replace windows in their Farmhouse. They may want to understand how to measure them - because they think they can do it themselves. Once they read your directions, they may buy the windows from your business and do it themselves. OR they may decide it will be easier to take advantage of your free window measuring service. (Giving your team the opportunity to upsell to a full install.)

Step 3: Make it Easy to Buy from You

If someone wants the products and services that your website is offering - make it easy for them to buy. Chat bots are a great way to engage your customers and help them answer quick questions. Easy to find "Buy Now" buttons, appointment forms and phone numbers will help make the sale.

Don't forget to follow-up with your customers. It is very important to do this after they have filled out a form or asked for an appointment. You can create “follow-up” emails in advance, so your team won't forget to send them. There are a lot of easy-to-use programs that can help automate this.

Step 4: Create New Content Regularly!

Most important of all, continue to create new, timely content. You want your customers to have a reason to keep visiting your website. Plus, if you don't post on your social media sites, no one will see your information.
Search engines (like Google) prefer updated and current information. If your website has updated content, it will show above other sites with old and outdated content.

One of the easiest ways to keep that content coming from your team on a regular basis is to set aside time to work on it. Or you can hire a professional team to handle it for you. If you want to learn more about creating Magnetic Content, download our Free eBook. It gives specific examples about creating Home Improvement website content.

Happy content creation!

Your customers have problems that your Home Improvement Business can solve or dreams you can help fulfill. Let them know you can help them with projects large or small.

Help them think of your business when they have these projects in mind. Inspire them, coach them, encourage them. Learn how to Create Magnetic Content that will inspire your customers. Click to get your free eBook.

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