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You Need a Home Improvement Marketing Strategy. Here's Why.


Does your business have a strong home improvement marketing strategy in place? If not, then review last year’s marketing efforts and draft some new ideas based on your findings.

Having a home improvement marketing strategy in place can help grow your business. It helps you target and talk to your best potential customers. A marketing strategy can be either simple or elaborate. It is a plan of actions that will promote your company, product or service on a regular basis.



If you’re not planning ahead, then you risk leaving money on the table this year, and next. Why? Depending on the types of products your company sells, you may be able to take advantage of co-op funds.

The second reason is, you could be spending advertising dollars in the wrong places. Likewise you may also be spending too little in others.

(If you already have a plan in place, then don’t forget to review, analyze and revise to maximize impact. You can do this quarterly, as well as monthly or weekly, depending on your marketing channels. Let’s discuss.)

Here are 5 reasons why your company needs a home improvement marketing strategy:  

1. To Grow Your Customer Base

If you’re looking to attract new home improvement customers, knowing who they are is key. This will help you craft your messages and advertising to help them realize they need you.

Here are 3 basic questions that will help you figure out who your target or audience is:
  1. What is their problem?
  2. How can your product or service help them?
  3. What do they hope to gain or come away with?
One of the biggest mistakes is saying that 'everyone' can use your services. Although that may be true, the better you can identify your best customer - the easier it is to get them.
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2. To Produce Sales

Yes, this is pretty obvious. You want more sales. How can your marketing strategy help you produce sales?

Most businesses have busy seasons, and then times when they are not so busy. A lot of that has to do with demand, especially with Home Improvement. There are specific times when your customers are thinking about Home Improvement projects. For example, in the Northeast, homeowners start thinking of building a new deck in March. Mostly because they want to be outside. If they don't usually call you until May or June, entice them with Deck projects examples in late March or April. And if possible, lure them with a discount if they schedule a project earlier in the season.

A strategic marketing plan can help you can increase sales during your slower times. Identify when your sales typically decrease or dip. Then figure out what types of services or products your customers may need. Finally, get the word out to create demand during that slow period.

3. To Build Name Recognition

Your marketing strategy can help people remember your company's name. (And what you do).
  • If your business has a location, update your signage.
  • Have delivery or service trucks? Letter very vehicle and make sure they look similar. Have your team wear branded shirts and uniforms.
  • Renovating a home or business? Place yard signs out while you are on-site, with your logo.
Have your customers and your community see your company's logo over and over. This will build trust and name recognition over time.
There are also creative, fun and community-focused ways to build name recognition.
  • Sponsor Sports Teams
  • Help Eagle Scouts with their projects
  • Help spread the word about local drives, food banks, or fundraisers, on your Facebook page.
  • Congratulate the high school senior class on Instagram.
Your company's connection to your community will set your home improvement business apart. And create a feeling of pride when your customers see your company's logo.

4. To Stay Competitive

If you have a Home Improvement marketing strategy you are more likely to stay focused. Competing for your share of the home improvement market requires consistent marketing.

Plus, if you track your results, you can applying your budget to placements that produce sales. Simple ways include:

  • Add call tracking numbers to your ads
  • Review Insights on Facebook
  • Install and look at Google Analytics on your website

Increasing your budget isn’t always the best solution. Using your budget wisely will give your company the competitive advantage.

5. To Keep Your Customers Engaged

If you plan out your Marketing Strategy, you'll be able to engage your customers. Instead of pushing discounts and sales.

How do you come up with ideas that will get the attention of the who you are selling to?

  1. Help them to identify the problem.
  2. Inspire them with creative ideas and solutions.
  3. Explain how to solve their problem.

Remember, engagement equals relationship, relationship equals trust, and trust equals profitable customers.

There are many ways to keep in touch with your customers and prospects:

  • Monthly email newsletters
  • Service update texts
  • Instagram or Facebook posts
  • Birthday postcards

There are a lot of technology programs and hacks that can make it easier for your company to keep in touch. If you plan out what you want to do, it will be easier to keep these programs running smoothly.

Getting a marketing strategy in place is a no-brainer. But not all strategies are created equal… How effective is yours?

Are you putting your Home Improvement marketing strategy on the back-burner? Work on your home improvement marketing strategy during your off-season. Don't be afraid to bring in a marketing expert who can help you brainstorm and analyze. An expert will increase your business's profits making it worth your investment.

Your customers have problems that your Home Improvement Business can solve or dreams you can help fulfill.

Let them know you can help them with projects large or small. Help them think of your business when they have these projects in mind. Inspire them, coach them, encourage them. Learn how to inspire your customers.

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