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Drive More Conversions: Align Your PPC & SEO Efforts


SEM.jpgIn order to connect with more qualified leads and drive more conversions in today’s ever-changing world of search, you need to create campaigns that align your PPC and SEO efforts.

With the different signals being upgraded and the overall updates to Google’s algorithm over the past year, it has presented new challenges for SEO strategists.


In this blog, we’ll discuss how to align PPC and SEO efforts to drive more conversions.

Although SEO and PPC may seem like totally different aspects of digital marketing, there is a tremendous amount of critical data that can be used to create a synergistic relationship, increasing your overall results for both.

1. Share Keyword Research to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns

Keywords are the foundation for any successful SEO or PPC campaign. Both teams conduct keyword research in order to identity terms that align with their target audience’s behavior. While we have heard that long-tail keywords are important for SEO, we should also be applying them to our PPC campaigns in order to keep our brands at the top of the consumers’ mind.


2. Apply Data & Reporting from SEO to Your PPC Campaigns

By aligning critical information from Google Analytics like bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration to your pay-per-click campaigns, you can get a better understanding of how visitors are interacting with your ads. The more organic data you apply to your PPC campaigns, the more you can create functional and effective campaigns.


3. Compare Creative Messaging

While it might not occur to many digital marketers to share their successful SEO meta descriptions and title tags with their PPC team and vice versa, it can be a successful tactic. Both teams should review best performing paid search ads, and meta descriptions of top performing organic pages, to cross-pollinate messaging ideas.


4. Evaluate Top Performing Paid Keywords & Apply Them to Your SEO Efforts

Once in a while, the PPC team will evaluate the effectiveness of their keywords. Instead of keeping the success of those keywords to themselves, they should share that information with their SEO team so they can then check keyword positions for all those keywords and apply them to their SEO efforts.

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