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Custom WordPress Design: Easy Maintenance with a Professional Look


Custom WordPress design solutionsIf you’re looking to build a new website – either from scratch, or to upgrade an old one – there’s probably a lot going through your head about just want you want from the new site. Almost every one of those requirements, however, can be simplified to one of two main things:

  1. A website that can be easily updated and maintained.
  2. A website that looks and feels AWESOME.

It doesn’t have to be a trade-off. Both goals can be achieved through a custom WordPress design.

WordPress: Easy to Update

WordPress is a useful tool to give your site a powerful, easy-to-update backend. New content can be created in an editing tool not so different from any word processing program you may already be familiar with. Images, video, audio, contact forms… even email lists and memberships are all easily integrated. That’s why Entrepreneur Magazine recommended it.

WordPress isn't just easy for a single user. Different levels of login can block access for some users to critical pieces of the site that should not be changed, allowing simplified admin screens and ease of delegation.

Finally, elements that are used throughout the site – like a logo, slogan, or website header – can be edited in a single place and updated everywhere. This allows quicker and more consistent updates in the future. If your business moves next year, do you want to have to change your address on the bottom of every single page, or just once in the footer address element that all the pages pull? What are the chances of missing a page or two if you take the first option?

Custom WordPress Design: Break Out of the Mold

Most available WordPress themes will be responsive right out of the box, and will provide a user-friendly basic site layout. Many also give theme options, allowing some basic customization with little effort.

Plugins provide many more potential features and options, from added security and ecommerce to stylized content additions. You can even redesign the login page.

But why stop there? You may think WordPress sites are boring and all look alike, but those are only the sites using generic themes straight out of the box. WordPress is capable of so much more, and many big companies recognize this.

A custom WordPress design can look like just about anything. Building a child theme based off any of the thousands of available free themes gives you a very versatile base that you can then take any direction you want. Some themes will even offer a basic child theme setup for you.

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