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COVID Business Trends - Adjust, Pivot or Reinvent? | Small Business


During the COVID Pause, as business owners or principles, we have adjusted, pivoted or reinvented our businesses to keep moving forward. I find it helpful to learn from my peers to keep inspired or to help generate new ideas, and so I put together a summary of trends below. I hope you find this interesting and helpful.


Many of our B2B and some B2C service colleagues took their normal in-office operations and migrated them to in-home through virtual meetings and cloud services.

  • My company moved to Ring Central early this year and have been very thankful for that move. Ring Central offers full phone, texting and video conferencing with plans starting at $29.99 per month per user.
  • Microsoft Teams is being offered for free. You can use unlimited Chat, Video calling and file storage options.


Our Home Center retailers all had Home and Job site Delivery as part of their normal business operations.

  • A first step during the COVID Pause was to encourage delivery instead of in-store shopping.
  • The second step has been to close store browsing to the public. Instead the customer calls into their store(s), and the Home Center’s customer service representatives shop for the customer. The requested items are assembled, paid for on account or credit card and then they are placed curbside for pick-up. This measure was put into place as customers were not keeping a safe distance from their team members, putting them at risk.
  • A third step one of our retailers is taking is rolling out a Request a Quote feature on their website – where you can browse the products on their website and place items into a list – which then gets emailed to their inside sales department, for quoting, follow-up and delivery. This solution was created by my team using WordPress, WooCommerce and additional Plugins.


One of my friends and colleagues has a business called Three Wags. Catherine designs and produces high-end dog accessories and products, such as dog bedding, dog bandannas, dog toys and more.

A couple of weeks ago she rolled out a new Fabric Mask product as Social Distancing guidelines were being put into place recommending the use of personal face masks. Catherine was asked by several friends to create masks for them, and then determined it would be a good business move to make Face Masks a standard product offering given the immense need.

It was a natural fit for her business, especially since the main products Three Wags offers are made of fabric, well designed, and manufactured in the Hudson Valley. Now she is offering combo mask and bandanna sets for dogs and their humans so they can stylishly social distance.

How has your business adjusted, pivoted, or reinvented? As the COVID Pause continues  – adjusting, pivoting and reinventing will be key to staying in the black during these challenging times. If you need help brainstorming, give a shout, we're here ready to help.