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Content Marketing Plan 101: Announce Your Content to the World

By KathodeRay Media

It's not a good feeling, once you've taken all of the time and effort to write a blog post or new content for your website as part of your content marketing plan, if nobody ends up seeing it! Who wants to do that right?

It's important to keep all of the available avenues for content marketing on your mind and open to you when you launch your newest content piece. Otherwise, your blog or content can fall flat and go to waste. These four steps are great building blocks for you and are an integral process that should be in any content marketing plan.

1. Get your content up on your website

Identify your content: Is your post a blog or did you write content for a new page of your website?

Based on the type of content you're generating, determine the best place for it. If you've written a blog then post it on your blog, if you've written a white paper then upload it to your site and set up a conversion form, and if you've written a new service page then add it to your website content.

Also, you've written this content for a reason, so include calls-to-action on the pages of your new content to convert your visitors when they visit your new pages and turn them into business leads. You should include some or all of the following and test different options to measure the results – find out what works best for you:

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Contact Form
  • Give them Extra Incentive with a discount, deal, whitepaper or otherwise, but only give it to them after they've given you their contact information

2. Spread the word socially

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other social networks – make sure your content reaches your followers and your audience.


When you post your new content to Facebook, know how Facebook operates. Due to the factors in Facebook's Edge Rank system, pictures and video are gold mines and will show up in your followers news feeds more often; whereas simple text and link posts won't get as many viewers. A prime example is, instead of just linking to your new content, post a picture that relates to it and include your messaging and the link to your page in the picture description.


Make sure to use applicable hashtags to reach an audience that will be engaged. A quick and easy tool to accomplish this is to search for terms related to your content on hashtags.org.


Share your content on your company profile as a service (if applicable) or post it as a status update to your followers. You can even share it with groups that you participate in to reach a wider audience, just make sure to post about your content in an engaging way with a question or as an answer to others' questions.


Everyone loves to see things quickly rather than read through a lot of text, so it’s important to have images in your content and Pinterest is the best network to share them on. Hot topics that tend to get a lot of "pinning" activity are food, decorating and how-to pictures. Just remember: If you post a picture to Pinterest, make sure you have the photo rights to do so.

3. Blast it out to your email list

Hopefully you've been capturing your business leads' email addresses, as this is a great way to send them company news and information and lead them on the path to conversion.

At KathodeRay, we highly recommend using iContact as it is easy-to-use online software with nice templates and is also relatively simple to integrate within your website.

When you send messages to your email list, send them content of value – don’t just pitch them a sales message because they'll unsubscribe from your list. Give them snippets of your new, fresh content and put yourself in the mindset of your audience. If you wouldn't want to see this in your inbox, then why will they?

We've seen great success with a news release format for email blasts that shares not only your content but other industry related news and tips (We send out our "This Week in Marketing" news email every Friday!). Just don’t forget to include calls-to-action in your emails by encouraging them to interact or contact you.

4. Have friends? Try to get a guest post!

Guest posting is a trend that has gathered a lot of momentum lately because it's a great way for bloggers and business professionals to interact and swap valuable insights and content with each other and share them on each other’s blogs for mutual benefit.

A guest blog provides the following benefits:

  • Exposure to a broader audience on websites and social media for you and your brand
  • Credibility as a valued influence (If others want to share your content, there must be a reason right?)
  • SEO benefits as your guest post will lead to more inbound links to your website

Take the time to network with your professional connections and seek out other ways to submit postings by searching online within your industry for others looking to accept entries. Remember, it's of mutual benefit to you and the person accepting your post, as it will bring in traffic and exposure for you both amidst a broader audience.

What are you waiting for? While there are still many more ways that you can explore, these are the top four strategies to follow so your content reaches the right people. Announce your content to the world and take that next step to complete your content marketing plan!


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