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3 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Attracting Home Improvement Leads


Let’s face it: home improvement businesses need digital marketing more than ever. Why? Because we live in an increasingly digital world. Meaning that your potential home improvement leads are researching and shopping in entirely new ways, even when compared to just 5 years ago.

According to recent Pew Research, “28% of American adults now report that they go online ‘almost constantly,’ up from 21% in 2015.” And HubSpot adds, “Although we say it a lot, the way people shop and buy really has changed along with it – meaning offline marketing isn't as effective as it used to be.”

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The landscape is changing, and in order to keep up and remain profitable, your home improvement marketing strategy must adapt and account for the prevalence of online shopping. If you’re used to sticking with traditional marketing alone—print ads, mailings, radio and television spots—then you’re likely leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.

If you aren’t aware of the benefits of digital marketing, you may be missing an opportunity to attract new home improvement leads.

And while you certainly don’t want to stop all your tradition marketing efforts, you can supplement them with digital marketing to help attract a fresh audience. They can even support your offline marketing to produce a win-win!

What is Digital Marketing Anyway?

Any successful marketing finds your target customers where they naturally spend time and meets them there in a convenient and helpful way. Increasingly, that means meeting your home improvement customers as they research and browse online.

Digital marketing includes anything that can be communicated digitally. This includes email, video, social media advertising, or website-based marketing opportunities. So, whether you spend $25 on a Facebook ad or send out an email blast around the holidays, digital marketing targets a precise group of leads to produce the best results possible.

By targeting and tracking the right online leads, then reviewing and revising your approach based on results, you can systematically improve your methods. So, you can attract ever better leads at less of a cost.

This is how digital marketing works in a nutshell!

Still not convinced that your home improvement company needs online advertising? Here are 3 of the most gigantic benefits of digital marketing:

1. Precision TARGETING.

Let’s pretend you’re in an archery competition. Which would be easier? Hitting the target with a clear view from 10 feet away or hitting a perfect bullseye while completely blindfolded?

When you’re marketing through traditional means alone, it’s a lot like shooting your arrow blindfolded. You can send the arrow off in the right direction – but there’s no guarantee it will find your target. And it might just miss the mark entirely.

In stark contrast, digital marketing allows you to fine-tune your targeting so you can sink a bullseye. With digital ads, you target very specific groups of people. You can target potential customers by age, household income, location, homeowner status, and a wealth of other interests. This target can be expanded or contracted so that there’s just the right amount of interested people to target before placing the ad.

Here’s an example: while creating a Facebook ad for a client, we might discover that there are 3,400 women interested in Kitchen Cabinets or Kitchen Design within 15 miles of a home center’s location. This represents invaluable data, and it will help us determine our target audience for the ad. How do we know this? Facebook supplies these statistics for us to be able to improve our targeting. Facebook wants us to be successful. How does Facebook know this? People like and interact with posts, and post and comment. They can tell through how a Facebook user interacts.

Enabling this “precision targeting” will allow your home centers to target exactly the right leads. In this example, women interested in Kitchen Cabinets or Kitchen Design who live within 15 miles of a given home center.



Okay, so you’ve targeted just the right audience for your digital advertising. Now comes the part that really sets digital marketing apart from traditional methods.

While you can’t always provide customer attribution from your company’s print, television or radio ads, digital methods are ridiculously trackable. You can track everything from how your target audience behaves, to what devices they use online, to what makes them click and share, and everything in between.

Here’s another example. Let’s say that you spend $100 on a Facebook ad targeting the proper audience for your home improvement business. When the ad is finished running, the results could look something like this:

  • 5,000 potential customers reached (at $.03 per impression)
  • 98 Post engagements (at $.80 per engagement)
  • 79 link clicks for more information (at $1.29 per active interested person)

After reviewing the data, we also see that lot of people viewed the ad from a phone, nearly 58%! And most of the ad views were in the same State location.

All this data combines gives you a great sense of your ad results – and they even suggest a few ways of improving ads for the future.

Do recognize some of the ways you might improve ad results the next time around?



Now that your ad budget is finished, it’s time to analyze your results by looking at the ad statistics, so that you can improve your targeting each year. And we cannot overstate the importance of analysis and revision to this iterative process.

Kristen Baker, an Associate Content Strategist at HubSpot, advises, "The world of digital marketing is ever-changing – businesses constantly need to ensure their digital strategy remains relevant to their target audience. For instance, if you're targeting a group who's primarily active on Instagram, focus on that platform and consider using your resources to create engaging Instagram Stories, instead of spending too much time making YouTube videos. However, pay attention to if, and when, your audiences' preferences shift."

For our client’s “Featured Brand Window” ad, performance was the same for both men and women, and the post was shared by 6 people, which is great! But for their “Featured Brand Subflooring” ad, mostly men engaged with the post, and looked at our client’s contact information.

The key here is to revise your digital marketing strategy accordingly. So, for this client, we revised the target audience to exclude women entirely the next time we published the ad.


As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the benefits of digital marketing to grow your home improvement business. Once you start, so does the learning process. Continue to think outside the box and let the data dictate your revisions – and you will soon be on your way to generating more – and better – home improvement leads.

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