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How to Attract Home Improvement Leads


You may not know it, but you might have home improvement leads out there who do not know about your home center. More than likely, they’re looking for something that you can easily provide, and they’re looking either online or on their mobile devices. No matter what, you don’t want to risk missing a single opportunity for somebody to purchase your products or inquire about your services.

Let's plan your strategy.

But first, it’s helpful to define a “home improvement lead” from the get-go. According to HubSpot, “A lead is any person who indicates interest in a company's product or service in some way, shape, or form.” In other words, they come to you. It’s a natural part of their decision-making process after encountering a problem like “my windows are rattling” or “my kitchen is outdated.” The next step is a search, or an investigation: How much do new windows cost? or How to plan a new kitchen?

If you want to get more (or better) home improvement leads streaming into your home center or lumberyard, you need to do these 3 essential things.


Here are 3 ways to attract home improvement leads:  

1. Provide Value

It’s not difficult to attract new home improvement leads when you’re providing value to your potential customers. Whether you find them via organic search, social or PPC ad campaigns, give them what they need at the very beginning. Before attempting to pitch sales and services, build trust with your audience by offering something free that provides great value. This can be:

  • Helpful DIY project tips
  • Remodeling guides
  • Information they need (i.e., common project costs, how to budget, cost-comparisons for common materials)

Using this content as the beginning to your conversation with home improvement leads will win their trust—and ultimately, earn brand loyalty.

Don’t forget that providing value should always be your company’s number one priority. Even after initial contact, the sale or transaction, and especially afterwards, when you can create loyal, lifelong customers by continuing to provide value via social media, your website content, and through inobtrusive email updates.

2. Offer Incentives

Okay, so your home center provided value to your website or social media visitors with some really great content. You might have even started to attract a list of strong potential customers with a gated offer or two (an offer you have to fill out a form to receive). The next step is to offer incentives that will encourage your leads to re-engage with your brand.

How does this work? As an example, let’s say you want to target homeowners looking to remodel their outdated kitchens. You could send out an email with valuable information about kitchen remodeling. It could point out the many reasons that a new kitchen is a wonderful investment, including resale value and energy-efficiency.

Perfect! Now’s the time for added incentives. Close with details about special rebates on kitchen cabinetry or countertops (this could be a seasonal promotion offered by your featured brands or co-op brands). Or this could be an in-store sale or coupon for discounted cabinetry during select dates to provide urgency.  

Incentives aren’t only about sales and rebates. Your home center can also offer incentives by providing easy financing options, convenient delivery, and excellent customer service.  

3. Follow Up

Sometimes it just isn’t the right time for your lead to make a purchase or to invest in your home improvement center’s services. But it’s good to keep top of mind for the eventuality that one day your lead will need exactly what your store can provide. With the added benefit of local convenience. Email communication is ideal for these follow-up touches with your home improvement leads.

The art of follow-up is all in the timing and frequency.

  • Timing. If you send an email too quickly after obtaining a lead, the recipients might feel put off and unsubscribe from your list. However, if you wait too long, they won’t recognize your brand, and you risk losing the subscriber this way, too.
  • Frequency. You want to send enough marketing emails to keep your leads engaged. But not so many that your lead will resent the intrusion to their inbox and unsubscribe. You want to continue to provide value with each interaction, while remaining a consistent, helpful resource.

  Remember, when emailing your leads, to follow these simple rules to improve success:

  • Always include a personal greeting in the email (Dear “First Name”)
  • Remind the recipient why you are receiving the email and what value it offers.
  • Provide more value. That’s right. Providing value to your customer is always key! 😊


To better attract home improvement leads, give your potential customers what they want, where they look for it! Offer them a steady diet of timely, useful information on common home improvement projects and remodeling jobs. Then offer incentives to encourage engagement, and nurture regularly with follow-up content.


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