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A Quick Guide to Landing Page Optimization


ThinkstockPhotos-484965372.jpgIf you are running a marketing campaign, chances are you are sending your visitors to a landing page

According to Hubspot, a landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead form.  It exists for the sole purpose of receiving a visitor’s information via that form. 

The purpose of the visitor filling out the form and providing information is so they can begin the conversion process - i.e. becoming a customer.

So really, a landing page is very significant for your business. 

Here are 5 quick tips for landing page optimization that you should keep in mind:

1. Create Content That Captures the Visitor’s Attention

First you want to ensure that your visitors are compelled to pay attention and interact with your conversion goal: filling out the form. So you need to have content that captures your visitor’s attention and keeps it.

2. Focus On One Goal

Your landing page should be about one thing and one thing only.  Don’t get carried away and have other offers or topics because it can confuse your visitors or turn them off.

When your visitor hits your landing page, it should be abundantly clear what action there is to take, and why, and they should be educated about all the benefits of taking the action (i.e., filling out a form). This information should be laid out in clear, simple terms.


3. Keep It Simple

Don’t have any new call-to-action buttons on your landing page.

Less is more in this case, because again, having too many buttons to click can confuse your visitors.  You want to make this conversion process as simple as possible.

Also, remember to omit all other site navigation. You don't want your visitor to get distracted and follow a link off of the landing page. Create a template for the web page layout that omits all regular site navigation.

4. Make Sure Everything Is Relative

  • The copy of your ad should match the headline of the landing page
  • The design of the display ad should match the design on the landing page
  • Most importantly, be sure the messages match! Your pre-click message should match the post-click message on your landing page.


5. Keep the Conversation Momentum

A break in communication can occur once a click is made.  If you are engaging someone in a blog or email, you must continue to do so on the landing page. 

Don’t have them click a call-to-action and then leave them hanging, you wouldn’t treat a visitor like that in person, so you shouldn’t do that here either.

Be sure your landing page includes:

  • A description of the offer that entices your visitor
  • A clear visual to support the offer
  • A form that the visitor can easily view above the fold for offer fulfillment
  • Social media share icons

It is so important to have landing page optimization in place for your visitors.  It is continuing the first impression, and you want them to be drawn in, not turned off.  

Following this quick guide will help your company be successful in the conversion process and gain more customers in the long run.

Good luck!


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