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9 Digital Marketing Tips You Will Actually Use



It often seems like there's not enough time in the day to consider your digital marketing strategy. But there are a few time-tested ways to get skin in the game without reinventing the wheel.

So.... do you want to get a crash course in successful digital marketing strategy?

Here are 9 Digital Marketing Tips You Will Actually Use!


Tip 1: Know Your Ideal Customer

Before you begin marketing of any kind, it's critical that you know exactly who you're trying to attract.

You will save countless marketing dollars by clearly defining your ideal customer and directing your message to him or her, as opposed to casting a wide net and hoping to catch a "fish" the outdated way. An added bonus: you will also avoid attracting customers that you do not want. 

How do you define your desired customer? By creating documents that include information drawn from research, current customers and data. Click here to learn more about creating accurate Buyer Personas.


Step 2: Keep it Simple

In a digital landscape rife with distractions, it helps to provide a clear purpose on every piece of digital content.

In a world where attention spans are diminishing and a million distractions abound, be sure that your landing page, email, social post or other piece of digital content has one clear purpose. And then make sure that purpose is easy to follow.

Step 3: Amplify with Social Ads

According to Forbes.com, marketers should, "Use social ads as a way to amplify the reach of your content marketing when you push it out through your social channels. A $10-20 boost on Facebook can go a long way."

Not to mention, Facebook advertising allows you to employ incredibly pinpointed targeting. Social Ads are a great way to get the message out to an extremely targeted audience.

Step 4: Send a Regular Email

A helpful newsletter is a great way to maintain a relationship with potential customers.

Even if your visitor isn't ready to buy today, they will appreciate helpful information that's free and non-salesy. If they sign-up for your newsletter, don't disappoint them with overt sale pitches. Just provide great free content that will help them in their industry or find a solution their problem. It pays off. If not today, maybe tomorrow.


Step 5: Start a Podcast

According to Inc.com, a Podcast can go a long way: "People love to tell their story, and by highlighting them on a podcast you make an instant and meaningful connection. It's also a great way to get an education on a topic you are interested in."

Podcast interviews can also help you define your ideal customer, learn about their problem or need, and create more targeted solutions in the future.


Step 6: Keep the Conversation Going

Regardless of whether you are building a landing page, email campaign or blog post, don't forget to provide buttons for social sharing . This will allow your visitors to keep the conversation going, and can lead to new connections or subscribers. And don't forget to add an email share option, as well.


Step 7: Be Sure Your Site is Responsive

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to upgrade to a responsive website

I'm sure you realize that most of the world now conducts business, makes purchases and follows up on a great product via mobile devices and tablets? If you haven't upgraded your website to a mobile-friendly, responsive design yet... what are you waiting for?


Step 8: Use Short Titles with Keywords

Don't confuse vistors to your web pages or search engines - keep your titles concise and to the point. Make sure to cross all your T's and dot all your I's when it comes to solid SEO practices. A title and H1 tag that uses a target keyword, which also repeats in the body of the text, is imperative for ranking purposes.

And don't forget to add ALT tags to all images!


Step 9: Generate Consistently Great Content

There's run of the mill content and truly awesome content. Do you know the difference? 

The very best marketing doesn't feel like marketing at all - it feels like the perfect answer or solution to your question or problem! And it's delivered in your tone of voice, with sensitivity to your pain points, and an understanding of your needs. Digital marketing is headed in this direction, and it makes sense. Better content improves your relationships with potential customers and raises their trust and respect.

So, it pays to get to know your customer and then - deliver AWESOME content, custom-tailored to them. 


So, there you have it. 9 ways to get a jump start on your best digital marketing efforts to date. So, go on, and make digital marketing history!

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