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6 Mistakes That Can Affect the Success of Your Landing Page


kid-on-computer-1.pngLanding pages are a key part of the lead generation process.

Visitors on a landing page arrive there because they want what you are offering. It’s important to nurture this lead with your landing page, rather than drive them away from your site.

Check Out These 6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Landing Page:

1. Overcrowded Pages

Too much text or too many images on a page can be overwhelming and confusing to visitors.

So, how can you simplify the main points on your page?

  • Use bullet points.
  • Bold any text that you want to draw attention - but don't overdo it! If you bold everything, then nothing is emphasized.
  • Highlight the key points of your message.

Keep your landing pages simple so what you’re offering is easily understood by the consumer.

2. Too Much Information is Required

Asking for too much information can drive visitors away.

Only ask for the information needed from them. 

Additionally, make the information forms easy to find and fill in. This will increase the likelihood that the reader will complete the form.

3. Having Links on Your Landing Page

Having distractions on your landing page, such as top navigation, will detract from the number of visitors that stay on your page.

According to a test completed by Hubspot, conversion rates increase when links and navigation are removed from a landing page. 

You should remove all links, top navigation, and anything else that will take the user away from your form. You want the visitor to stay on your page and fill out the form, not wander elsewhere on your website or worse, to external sites.

Navigation can be visible again on the thank you page after the user has filled out the form.

4. Headline Doesn’t Grab Attention or is Missing

Headlines should capture the reader’s attention and tell them the purpose of the page.

If your page headlines are generic or boring (or don’t exist at all) then the consumer won’t stay on the page.

If the headline is misleading, this can create a lack of trust and also drive the viewers away. 

It’s important to clearly state what the visitor is getting by filling out the form and be sure what is given to the visitor in exchange for their contact information is exactly what they expected.

5. Slow Load Speed

If a landing page takes too long to load, visitors won’t stay on the page.

According to Google, 40% of online consumers will wait no longer than 3 seconds before abandoning a site on mobile.

By keeping your page simple and getting rid of unnecessary clutter, your page will load faster.

Be sure to test the page load speeds on different devices like desktop and mobile to be sure your page is optimized for any audience.

6. Not Using Contrasting and Eye Catching Colors

You want your audience to be drawn to the main call-to-action on your page. So when you’re asking visitors to fill out a form on your landing page, it’s important that the “submit” button stands out so people are encouraged to click it.

 Using contrasting colors is a great way to attract the user’s attention to where you want it. This will lead to more clicks and engagement from the visitor.


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