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5 Tips for an Effective PPC Campaign


ThinkstockPhotos-505623768.jpgA pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, when done effectively, can be a valuable and profitable tool for a business.  It can be a great way to reach out to new customers online that will likely be interested in your product.

However, in order to see the desired results, it’s important that your PPC campaign is implemented as well as possible.

Here are 5 tips for a successful PPC campaign:

1. Choose the right keywords.

When choosing your keywords, think about your buyers and the words they are likely to search in order to find your product.

Create many ad groups containing a small number of keywords specific to the ad group. This will keep your ads relevant to searchers.

Lastly, don't forget to use negative keywords to increase the number of people that stay on your page by filtering out those that weren’t specifically looking what for what you are offering.


2. Optimize your ad for a high quality score.

It is important to understand and optimize for your Google AdWords quality score. Having a high quality score will allow you to pay less for more ad impressions. You’re also likely to have higher conversion rates.

Be sure that the copy of your ad includes the keywords from the ad group that your audience is likely to be searching for. Your ad copy needs to be relevant and specific to the product.


3. Lead to an appropriate landing page.

The landing page of an ad should be very relevant to the keywords you’re targeting and the ad you’re using. Relevancy impacts your quality score.

Additionally, visitors are more likely to stay on your page if the landing page is what they were expecting when clicking on your ad. This decreases your bounce rate, saving you money.


4. Check in frequently.

Test and measure results.

See which ads are generating traffic, examine keywords, manage your bids, and make changes as needed in order to see optimal results from your ads. Otherwise, you may be wasting your budget on ads that aren’t giving you the right results.


5. Combine with SEO.

SEO should be used in combination with PPC.

SEO data can inform you about PPC data, as well as the other way around.

For example, a PPC campaign will allow you to see which keywords are converting leads. This information can help you to rank higher when using SEO.

Additionally, a PPC campaign may increase the number of people organically searching for your site by creating more brand awareness through the ads.

Having both a PPC and an SEO campaign will allow you to see optimal results!

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