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5 Lead Generation Mistakes You Need to Stop Making


kid on computer.jpgAs a marketer, if you can’t generate enough leads to feed to your sales team, or you’re not generating enough quality leads, you’re not alone. These are both common problems marketers face when it comes to lead generation.

But how can you fix it so you are generating quality leads and enough leads?

In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 lead generation mistakes most marketers make and how to turn that around to increase your sales!

1. You’re Not Generating Leads Organically

Are you buying contacts? If you are, stop immediately! It’s never a good idea to buy contacts. Along with affecting your emails’ performance, you’re affecting your overall brand reputation!

What do you need to start doing? Building lists organically! This may not come easy, but the whole point of lead generation to generate quality leads is to build a list of people who are genuinely interested in your company and your products or services. Once you have developed a list of quality leads, you can then nurture them and increase your sales.

How can you start generating organic leads? By allowing leads to opt in! This means you need to give your visitors something in exchange for their information. Maybe a helpful eBook? An infographic that they would find useful? This can take time, but it will be well worth it in the end.


2. You Aren’t Offering Different Content to Different Leads in the Buyer’s Journey

When people visit your website, they’re not all in the same stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Someone may be ready to buy, while another may have never visited your website before.

Give your visitors the opportunity to learn more about your company before asking them to purchase. This is where funnel offers come in. Top of the funnel offers should be accessible to visitors in the awareness stage, while bottom of the funnel offers should be accessible to those in the decision stage. As for the middle of the funnel, these are offers accessible to visitors in the consideration stage, when they are researching solutions to their problem.

What do you need to do to fix this? Create offers for each stage of the funnel! Make sure you’re making those offers accessible to visitors depending on where they are in the Buyer’s Journey.


3. You’re Not Utilizing Your Blog Correctly

If you’re not blogging at all or you’re not adding a call-to-action in each one of your blogs, you’re missing out on top quality leads!

One of the biggest benefits of blogging and having offers that are relevant to that blog is that you are generating leads that actually want to know more about your business. Each post is a new opportunity to generate new leads! So take advantage of your blog.

How can you fix this? Start blogging more! Don’t forget to include lead capture forms in your blog to offers that the reader might find useful.


4. You Aren’t Investing in Inbound Marketing

Yes, you might be generating leads after fixing the above issues, but do you really know who your leads are? Where they are in the Buyer’s Journey? Are they finding your content useful?

If you can’t answer these questions, then you’re going to have a hard time connecting with the people who visit your website and download your offers. If you can’t connect with them, how can you offer them what they need?


So what can you do to fix this issue and get to know your leads? Invest in an inbound marketing software, like HubSpot. HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. HubSpot software includes all the tools you need to do inbound marketing, plus award winning services and support to help companies master inbound marketing.