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5 Call-To-Action Tweaks That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates


client_review_rating-526827958-1.jpgYou’ve created what look like successful call-to-action buttons but you’re not seeing conversions. You followed all the right steps when it comes to creating an effective call-to-action button, so you're wondering how to improve conversion rates from CTAs to increase your lead generation.

No worries. In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 call-to-action tweaks you can make that will improve your conversion rates.

Simply put, it all comes down to A/B testing. So what do you need to do?

Try out these easy tips and tricks to improve your conversion rates:


1. Test The Color of Your CTA Buttons

Don’t be afraid to go “off-brand” when it comes to your CTA buttons. You don’t want your CTA to blend in with the rest of your website so try a bold color that stands out and contrasts with your website color palette.

Test a few different options and see which one drives more results.


2. Test Text CTAs vs. Image CTAs

Certain visitors respond better to a text CTA over an image CTA, and vice versa. So do some A/B testing to find out which group your visitors fall under.

Create a CTA that looks like it is a separation between the blog and the content of the CTA to make it look like its own image. Then test a CTA that looks as though the text is part of the blog post itself (like the one below!)


3. Test the Placement of the CTA

On your website, CTAs should always be above the fold. However, traditionally, many blogs have CTAs at the very bottom of the post but some readers won't make it all the way to the end of the article. Perhaps you may want to test different placements for CTAs on your blog pages and your other website pages.


4. Test Static vs. Motion CTAs

Do your website visitors respond better to static CTAs or motion CTAs? Find out! Test each of these to determine which one drives more conversions by comparing the click-through rate of the two.


5. Test The Copy on the CTA

Find out which words are more enticing to your audience. Which words cause them to take more action? Test works like:

  • Download eBook
  • Free eBook
  • Snag this eBook
  • Claim this eBook
  • Get this eBook

Even a small change can make a big impact on your conversion rates.

Want to Create a Compelling Call-To-Action?

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