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4 Holiday Marketing Tips & Offers for Your Small Retail Business


marketing-1.jpgDiscounts during the holiday season are key for a small retail business. Everyone’s doing it, and for good reason! In order to keep up with big box retailers, you need to offer your customers some great deals that make them want to shop with you.

However, with these lower prices during the holiday season, customers may not want to pay the higher, regular prices when they come back. So, how do you still give your customers great offers during the holidays but also get them to return later?

The options are endless! Check out these 4 holiday marketing tips:

1. Offer Various Options

As a small business, you probably don’t have as many products to offer as the big box stores. But you can give your customers options by accepting different types of payment options, and providing a variety of shipping methods, or even customer service outlets.

For example, offer the PayPal payment method at checkout instead of just credit cards. This makes it easy for customers to checkout, especially when using their mobile device.


2. Offer Free Shipping

High shipping fees turn customers off, even when they are about to purchase.

If they see their total go up from $20 to $30 from a shipping fee, they might not continue with that purchase.

During the holiday season, try offering free shipping with the purchase of a certain dollar amount because it may help increase your average order value overall.


3. Offer Your Holiday Discounts on Various Channels

How do your buyers find out about your holiday deals? Offer a variety of avenues into your business, such as newsletter, social media, apps, your blog, and most importantly, your website.

Make sure your buyers can easily find you and know what you’re offering them this season.


4. Offer Impeccable Customer Service

During the holidays, shopping can be stressful. So, what will really set you apart is your customer service.

Be personal. After a purchase is made, make it a point to send a personalized email to the buyer thanking them for their purchase and providing them with an email address they can use if they have a question or run into an issue with the order.

You’ll be surprised how many customers will return after the holidays to shop with you if you provide excellent and personal service.