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3 Different Types of Email Marketing You Could Be Sending Out


email_marketing-508485940-1.jpgWhile you may be sending out some great emails that are visually appealing, include personalization, calls-to-actions, and great deals, you may be overlooking some opportunities.

Different types of emails going to specific groups of recipients can improve your overall sales.

Here are 3 different types of email marketing you could be sending:


1. Informational Emails

Informational emails consist of emails you can send to your segmented lists that provide further information about a product or service.

These emails can include product announcements, latest updates on products, your newest sale, eBook, free trial, and more. Be sure that this type of email contains an obvious call-to-action (CTA) that is clear and uses actionable language.


2. Transactional Emails

When visitors sign up for your newsletter, or say, purchase a product, you can send them emails that are typically called transactional emails. You will need a specialized software, such as HubSpot, to set up these types of emails, but they end up being very beneficial in the long run.

Imagine booking a flight or purchasing a product online and not receiving a confirmation email. This type of email marketing is very important to consumers.

When you’re writing confirmation emails, be sure that your subject line isn’t too vague, and that the information that the consumer wants confirmed is clearly stated in the email. Keep these emails simple, but informational.

If you are sending a thank you email from a form submission, make sure you are including your promise to the consumer.

Whether this be an eBook, a free trial, a whitepaper or any other offer, it needs to be included in that email so the consumer gets what they signed up for. The CTA should be big and clear in these types of emails, and should direct to the offer itself, NOT the form. Simply thank the visitor for their submission and provide a clear link to the offer.


3. Lead Nurturing Emails

Once you have gone through the first step of submitting a confirmation email or a thank you email to your consumers or subscribers, you want to continue to nurture them and guide them through the buyer’s journey.

This is best accomplished by sending specific buyer personas (visitors segmented by form field submissions, product purchases, or email list requests). Again, you will need a software like HubSpot to automate these types of specific lead nurturing emails, but it will definitely help to decrease your unsubscribe rate because you are showing your leads relevant content.

Whenever you send out lead nurturing emails, be sure to explain to your recipients why they are receiving the email in the first place. For instance, your email could say something like, “We noticed you’re into [x item] on our site, and we thought you might be interest to learn more about [x item]!”

At the end of the day, your emails should not only be visually appealing, but relatable to the recipient’s interests as well as intriguing. Focus on sharing the most important information to specific recipients and to guide your leads through the buyer’s journey and increase your sales.


Up Your Email Game

In order to create lead nurturing emails, you need to segment your consumers and subscribers into accurate buyer personas.  Download our FREE eBook on how to create accurate buyer personas that will make your targeting simple!

Creating Accurate Buyer Personas