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How Does Engaging Social Media Content Help with SEO?

Posted by Emily Boziwick on Aug 13, 2015 3:00:00 PM

social-mediaWe already know that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter help to boost awareness about product and brand.

But what about its relationship to SEO?

Have you ever Googled a company to find their website is ranked first in organic search, with their Facebook page right underneath?

Social media is much more connected to SEO than you might think.

So how does it all fit into SEO, and why is it so important to create engaging content to boost your SEO?

In this blog, we'll show you how to boost your SEO using social media and help you understand why engaging social media content is key.

Why Killer Social Media Content Is Key for SEO

1. Social Media Content Can Lead to Inbound Links:

Engaging social media posts that generate a significant amount of likes, comments, shares and clicks have a huge impact on traffic. Engaging social media content will encourage more inboundsites to link to your content.

Many publishers look to social media for references.

So when your social content is killer, your ranking will improve due to an increase in editorial links.

However, if your content is lacking engagement and relevance, these publishers are likely not going to even see your posts. The more external links you have, the more authority Google will grant you.


2. Links on Social Media Help With Indexing New Pages on Your Site:

If you’re creating killer social media posts that also have new and relatable links in them (which you should be), search engines will frequently crawl your social sites, so any links on them help the search bots find and index new pages on your site!

For example, did you recently post a new blog on your site?

That means you have a brand new URL on your website that you need to get indexed ASAP! How do you do this? You promote it on social media.

However, make sure that you include engaging copy in your posts that will make users click on your posts and your posts must include a link to your new URL and blog page.


3. Social Media Pages Have High Ranking Potential

If you’re following proper protocol and creating meaningful profile content, then you're social media pages can have a tremendous impact on your company's local SEO performance.


Now that you understand why social media is so important to SEO, it’s time to go out there and optimize your social pages for ranking authority!


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Posted by Emily Boziwick on Aug 13, 2015 3:00:00 PM
Emily Boziwick

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